• 2019 A pioneer in holistic

    A Pioneer in holistic

    Issue: Spring 2019

    Any spa will turn out rejuvenated clients, glowing from their day of saunas and massages – glowing more, presumably, if they are emerging from a week-long-or-more retreat-style excursion. But Quebec’s Spa Eastman, Canada’s first destination wellness retreat of its kind, aims to send visitors home with the know-how...

  • 2019-spa-light-award-winners

    Annual spa awards showcase industry perfection

    Issue: Winter 2018

    To be flawless and perfect in almost every way – that dream became real for the winners of the 2018 Canadian Spa & Wellness Awards, a yearly program to recognize 25 spas that represent the crème de la crème of the Canadian spa industry. A panel of industry influencers judged the submissions – three times as many as last year.

  • Victoria Park Medispa

    Victoria Park Medispa

    Issue: Fall 2018 Author: Hermione Wilson

    There are three brand promises that Victoria Park Medispa lives by: the expertise of its staff, its wide selection of treatments, and its promise of a five-star experience for all its guests. The medi spa is a brand rather than one location – think the Tim Horton’s of medical esthetics. Victoria Park Westmount, Downtown and West Island are the brand’s three main flagship locations in Montreal.

  • 2018 Mindset Brain Gym

    Mindset Brain Gym

    Issue: Fall 2018 Author: Caudalie Paris

    If you’ve come to MINDSET Brain Gym expecting an ordinary meditation studio, you will be disappointed. There are no Buddha statues and crystals here. Stepping into this extraordinary space, the noise and frenetic pace of Bay and Bloor streets in downtown Toronto simply fall away. It’s another world, the world of the mind, the inner sanctum from which true beauty emerges.

  • Miraj Hammam Spa by Caudalie Paris

    Miraj Hammam Spa

    Issue: Summer 2018 Author: Caudalie Paris

    A nod to French wine and Moroccan wellness - Located at Toronto’s Shangri-la Hotel, the luxury spa blends the ornate decor and traditional hammam experience of Morocco with the natural vine-based wellness of Bordeaux, France, all with a clean, modern feel. That aesthetic remained consistent when the spa officially reopened in May, unveiling its renovated space.

  • Simplicity and Serenity at Sibéria Station Spa

    Simplicity and Serenity at Sibéria Station Spa

    Issue: Spring 2018

    Sibéria Station Spa follows very close to the original concept of a Scandinavian spa: hot, cold and rest until profound relaxation is reached. A 10 to 15-minute drive from Quebec City, Sibéria Station is nestled in a forested area that feels like it is far removed from city life, with the convenience of being just on its outskirts.

  • Elmwood Spa

    Elmwood Spa

    Issue: Spring 2018

    Inside a historic building located in the heart of Toronto lives Elmwood Spa, an urban spa built upon traditional healing rituals and a rich, local history. Although the spa incorporates elements from several different cultures, it is truly a love letter to Thailand. Was named one of Spafinder’s Top 10 Favourite Day Spas in 2010.

  • Cream of the Crop

    Spa & Wellness Awards 2017 - Cream of the Crop

    Issue: Winter 2017

    Every year, we at Spa Inc. magazine, and our partners at Leading Spas of Canada, look forward to showcasing the best and brightest of the Canadian spa industry, the cream of the crop. As always, the third annual 2017 Canadian Spa & Wellness Awards introduced us to some new faces and also allowed us to recognize spas and spa partners who have continued to excel.

  • Christienne Fallsview Spa - Room with a view

    Christienne Fallsview Spa - Room with a view

    Issue: Fall 2017

    Christienne Fallsview Spa at Sheraton on the Falls has a room with a view. The treatment room (pictured on the front cover) on the 14th floor of the hotel overlooks the grandeur of Niagara Falls. It was built to incorporate the incredible view and a private infinity pool.

  • Spa Nordique Le Germain

    Spa Nordique Le Germain

    Issue: Fall 2017

    Niché dans la Ville de Baie-Saint-Paul – à quatre heures et demie à l’est de Montréal et à plus d’une heure de Québec – une petite communauté artistique conçue pour refléter un village suisse, l’Hôtel & Spa Le Germain Charlevoix s’efforce de vivre en harmonie avec son cadre magnifique.

  • The Spa at Nita Lake Lodge

    The Spa at Nita Lake Lodge

    Issue: Summer 2017

    Located in Whistler, BC, Nita Lake Lodge is surrounded by scenic mountains and pine trees overlooking a grand lake. The Spa has been named among Condé Nast Traveler’s Top 20 Spas in the World, and one of Organic Spa Magazine’s Top 10 Organic Spas.

  • Canadian Spa & Wellness Awards 2016

    Dol-άs Spa - Spacation

    Issue: Spring 2017

    For many Canadians, the Maritimes represent the simple life; taking in the wonder of the picturesque landscape and the feeling of the sea breeze on your skin. For tourists looking for an East Coast escape, Dol-άs Spa, a 2016 Canadian Spa and Wellness Awards winner, is the perfect fit.

  • Canadian Spa & Wellness Awards 2016

    From Coast to Coast - Canadian Spa & Wellness Awards 2016

    Issue: Winter 2016/2017

    Some of the spas and businesses featured here will be familiar faces, while others are brand new. They all have something different to offer and they have all earned their place in on this list.

  • Living Shore Spa

    Living Shore Spa

    Issue: Fall 2016 Author: Hermione Wilson

    Living Shore Spa officially opened its doors in May 2016, but the Collingwood, Ontario, spa isn’t starting completely from scratch. Known previously as Essence Spa, the privately owned facility provided holistic spa services for Living Water Resort.

  • Grotto Spa

    The Millcroft Spa

    Issue: Summer 2016 Author: Kelly Townsend

    Nothing wreaks havoc on your skin quite like living in the city. From the stresses of the everyday hustle and bustle in the streets to the airborne pollution effects, Toronto residents pay a tall price to live near the bright lights of the “6ix.”

  • Grotto Spa

    Grotto Spa

    Issue: Spring 2016 Author: Kelly Townsend

    Located in the small town of Parksville, BC, on the east side of Vancouver Island, Grotto Spa takes a distinctly West Coast approach to offering guests a small slice of paradise. While the spa belongs to the Tigh-Na-Mara Seaside Spa Resort, all of its facilities are located in a separate building...

  • Canadian Spa and Wellness Awards 2015

    Canadian Spa and Wellness Awards 2015

    Issue: Winter 2015/16 Author: Hermione Wilson

    Meet Our 2015 Canadian Spa & Wellness Awards Winners - Each of the 2015 Canadian Spa & Wellness Awards winners have their own specialty and occupy their own unique niche in the spa and wellness industry. Big and small, destination to day spa, they all bring something different to the table.

  • Ste. Anne's Spa

    Ste. Anne's Spa

    Issue: Fall 2015 Author: Hermione Wilson

    If Ste. Anne’s Spa had a motto, it would be self-sufficiency. Sitting on a 400-acre property, the destination spa supplies its kitchen with beef from its own cattle herd, produce grown in its gardens and honey from its own hive of bees. The Ste. Anne’s Bakery makes its own gluten-free baked goods and spa guests drink spring water drawn from a natural aquifer on the property.

  • Island Escape

    Island Escape

    Issue: Summer 2015 Author: Hermione Wilson

    Lush temperate rainforests teeming with exotic wildlife. Saltwater fishing excursions and snorkeling. It’s the ideal destination for your island escape, and you don’t even have to head towards the equator to reach it.

  • Prairie Comfort at Manitoba’s Solstice Spa

    Prairie Comfort at Manitoba’s Solstice Spa

    Issue: Winter 2014 Author: Hermione Wilson

    The Elkhorn Resort Spa and Conference Centre in rural Manitoba takes full advantage of its natural setting and its spa is no exception. Located in Onanole, Manitoba, near Riding Mountain National Park, the Solstice Spa embraces its rural surroundings in its decor and ambiance.

  • Manitou Springs Resort and Mineral Spa

    Scandinave Spa Whistler

    Issue: Fall 2014 Author: Ammi Parmar

    Surrounded by a spruce and cedar forest and mountain vistas, Scandinave Spa Whistler allows guests to feel at one with nature. The spa’s baths are the main focus, inspired by the ancient Scandinavian tradition of hydrotherapy.

  • Manitou Springs Resort and Mineral Spa

    Pretty in Pink Spa Studio

    Issue: Spring 2014 Author: Lindsay Grummett

    Tucked into the quiet community of Oakville, Ontario is a spa where guests munch on sweet treats and sit in perfectly pink robes while waiting for a pedicure or, perhaps, a chocolate face mask. They talk about pop culture, their social circle and who’s dating who.

  • Manitou Springs Resort and Mineral Spa

    Manitou Springs Resort and Mineral Spa

    Issue: Winter 2013/2014 Author: Lindsay Grummett

    There’s a local legend in the small town of Watrous, Saskatchewan. The folktale tells the story of an Indian tribe in the early 1800s that faced a savage small pox epidemic. As they wandered the plains to escape the plague, two of the men fell ill and were left in a small tent next to a lake.

  • Eforea Spa

    Eforea Spa

    Issue: Fall 2013 Author: Lindsay Grummett

    More than 10 years ago, Hilton Hotels Corporation introduced a new luxury location to Markham, Ontario. Only a 25-minute drive from downtown Toronto, the Hilton Toronto/ Markham Suites Conference Centre & Spa is an impressive retreat that boasts the only AAA Four Diamond hotel status in the region.

  • Drift Spa

    Float Away at Drift Spa

    Issue: Summer 2013 Author: Lindsay Grummett & Theresa Rogers

    Black Rock Oceanfront Resort sits just off the coast of the Pacific Ocean atop the rocky shoreline of Ucluelet, British Columbia. Its perched position gives guests an opportunity to take in the stunning views and appreciate the origins of the natural marine ingredients that are a favourite at the onsite Drift Spa.

  • Haven Spa at the Sidney Pier Hotel

    Haven Spa at the Sidney Pier Hotel

    Issue: Spring 2013 Author: Lindsay Grummett

    Nestled in the southern coast of Vancouver Island is the serene yet stylish Haven Spa at the Sidney Pier Hotel. Combining elegance with affordability, this community-based spa offers aesthetic and spa services along with a salon and fitness centre to create a full service beauty boutique that will relax, rejuvenate, and refresh.

  • Hammam Spa

    Hammam Spa

    Issue: Winter 2013 Author: Shayan Jaffer

    Located in the heart of downtown Toronto, Hammam Spa brings old-world rituals and ancient relaxation techniques to the fast paced, corporate crowd and infuses it with contemporary technology and design to create a truly unique relaxation experience.

  • The Ritz

    Brentwood Bay Spa

    Issue: Winter 2013 Author: Amy Ge

    Victoria's only five-star oceanfront resort, the Brentwood Bay Spa, strives to reflect the beauty and tranquility of the West Coast in all aspects of its spa. Drawing much of its inspiration from the island's natural surroundings, the spa channels the most therapeutic facets of nature into its unique spa rituals that soothe the mind, body, and soul...

  • The Ritz

    The Ritz

    Issue: Fall 2012 Author: Theresa Rogers

    At the Spa at The Ritz-Carlton, Toronto, they take things personally. After being open for only one year, the spa— which also includes a yoga and fitness studio, lap pool, and beauty bar—has already undergone a transformation that will allow staff to improve and enhance the wellness concept....

  • Body Blitz

    Body Blitz

    Issue: Fall 2012 Author: Chelsea Shim

    Step aside gentlemen; this sanctuary is an escape for women only. Body Blitz Spa, located in a trendy 11,000-sq. ft. warehouse in the heart of downtown Toronto's King West village, is an urban hotspot that focuses on the health by water philosophy....

  • Dove Spa

    Dove Spa

    Issue: Summer 2012 Author: Jennifer Armel

    Dove Spa's philosophy of wanting to make women feel more beautiful every day by inspiring them to take great care of themselves has proved successful. Built off the Dove brand, the award-winning spa has four locations in the Greater Toronto Area, each dedicated to ensuring all spa guests have a luxurious and relaxing experience...

  • Boutique Luxury

    Issue: Spring 2012 Author: Theresa Rogers

    Sweetgrass Spa is an award-winning, yet unintentionally well-kept secret. This is because Sweetgrass is part of Verity, Toronto’s only women-focused business, social, fitness, and wellness club. Unbeknownst to many, you do not have to be a member of Verity to enter the doors of Sweetgrass. Catering to the well-heeled woman...

  • Liquid Gold

    Liquid Gold

    Issue: Winter 2012 Author: Theresa Rogers

    Named for a rescued metal tree, but known for its geothermal mineral waters, location and history mean everything at Sun Tree Spa. “The original name was The Oasis,” says assistant spa manager, Colleen DeGirolamo, who has a background in massage, aesthetics, and reflexology. “It’s been nine years now since....

  • Liquid Gold

    Paradise Awaits

    Issue: Winter 2012 Author: by Heather Ednie

    Guests at BleuSpa experience a healthy indulgence, across the menu of options available onsite. Nestled in the hills of Cantley, Quebec, BleuSpa celebrated its official opening October 26 and is quickly building a reputation as a smart place to go for relaxation, wellness, and....

  • Spa at the Monastery & Suites

    Spa at the Monastery & Suites

    Issue: Fall 2011 Author: Bernadette Johnson

    It’s not difficult to be transported to another time and place at the Spa at the Monastery & Suites in the heart of downtown St. John’s, the capital city of Newfoundland and Labrador....

  • Spa Savanna

    The 10 Spot

    Issue: Summer 2011 Author: Bernadette Johnson

    There is no appointment necessary. Forget about having to show up 15 minutes in advance. And don’t expect to find jets in the pedicure tubs. Doesn’t sound like your typical spa? It’s not supposed to...

  • Spa Savanna

    Spa Savanna

    Issue: Summer 2011 Author: Heather Ednie

    Spa Savanna offers a little slice of paradise in one of Montreal’s historical working class regions. Built on a founding principle that you are your neighbourhood, the selection of the spa’s location was purposeful...

  • Ancient Cedars Spa by Bernadette Johnson

    Ancient Cedars Spa

    Issue: Spring 2011 Author: Bernadette Johnson

    Known for its long beautiful beaches and towering rainforests on the western edge of British Columbia, Tofino and Clayoquot Sound attract almost one million visitors annually. Guests journey to the area to experience whale watching, kayaking, deep sea fishing, winter storm watching, and...

  • Spa Scandinave

    Spa Scandinave les Bains Vieux-Montreal

    Issue: Spring 2011 Author: Heather Ednie

    The location of Spa Scandinave les Bains Vieux-Montreal couldn`t be hotter. Nestled in the heart of Old Montreal, with a view of the port, stepping through the doorway feels like you`re travelling through time from the historic stone beauty of the exterior into a sleek, ultra-modern spa designed around...

  • 100 Fountain Spa

    100 Fountain Spa

    Issue: Winter 2010/2011 Author: Bernadette Johnson

    In the heart of the Niagara, Ontario wine region, encircled by historical sites, world-class theatre, agricultural markets and fine dining, is a spa that reflects its rich surroundings in more ways than one. Niagara natives and visitors alike have enjoyed the sanctuary of 100 Fountain Spa since it opened in 1996. The spa...

  • La Source

    La Source

    Issue: Winter 2010/2011 Author: Heather Ednie

    Creative vision, inspired ambition and a commitment to perfection are the secret ingredients to opening and running a world-class spa that provides a special getaway so serene clients fall in love every time. After years of planning and conceptualization, La Source spa in Rawdon, Quebec, has achieved that perfect balance of services and ...

  • Le Nordik

    Le Nordik

    Issue: Fall 2010 Author: Heather Ednie

    Entering Le Nordik spa is like stepping into a secret world of tranquility and beauty, a refuge where peace of mind and relaxation are incubated and your troubles drift away. Situated in picturesque Old Chelsea, on the border of Gatineau Park in Quebec, just a hop from Ottawa, Le Nordik has captured the natural beauty of the surrounding area and let it guide its...