Susan Browne, Publisher

As the publisher and owner of Spa Inc., it would only seem reasonable that I would enjoy many visits to the spa. That, however, is far from the case. As it turns out, my husband goes for treatments far more often than I do. I wonder at this every time I see his expertly shaped toenails.

I do travel frequently for business and have found this is the best time to work in a spa visit. The hustle and bustle of travel, meetings, and trade shows is perfectly complemented by the soothing effects of a spa treatment. It keeps me fresh while on the road.



 Heather Ednie, Editor-in-Chief

I turned 40 this year, and I celebrated it. Forty years of experience, learning, loving, and sharing – I am proud of the woman I’ve become, and excited about the woman I will be in the future.

And then, there’s the gal in the mirror. Nothing like some extra pounds, new lines on my face and a few pesky pains in certain joints to remind me, if I want to enjoy many coming decades, I’d better commit to my own care and maintenance. So I’m on a journey. A road to the discovery of the best ways to take care of my body, my skin, my health in general. And I aim to stop at every spa I can on the way!

What can I say? At least I don’t have a single grey hair – talk about a (not so) silver lining!



 Theresa Rogers, Executive Editor

I’ve never had great skin, except for when I was pregnant. (Isn’t that the opposite of the way it usually works?!) It’s something I inherited from my dad.

I’ve tried every product out there from the drugstore to the spa. In my bathroom, all kinds of half-used bottles remain as evidence of my quest for flawless skin.

I’ve also tried various facials. My skin looks amazing at first, then within a week or so, returns to its old self. One aesthetician told me my skin would never be clear and that there was nothing I could do about it. “It’s hormonal,” she chirped. As if that makes me feel better.

Working in this industry, I’m lucky to be able to see and try the latest and greatest. Maybe one day I’ll find the miracle product I’ve been searching for.

Maybe not. But there could be some benefits to this skin afterall. I hear it wrinkles less. Now I have to be comfortable in it.


Jodee (2)

Jodee Cave, Account Manager

Like many little girls, I was always fascinated by makeup and beauty products. I remember watching my mother primp and preen in front of the mirror and was awestruck by the different tools, techniques, masks and peels used in her beauty ritual. From time-to-time, I would try them too, but for some reason my efforts never seemed to work as well as hers. As I grew my mother and I would spend time exfoliating, tweezing and toning –and her tips and tricks were passed down to me.

I am so pleased to have the opportunity to have an inside look into the spa industry. Now that I’m a part of the Spa Inc. family, I might be able to show my mother a thing or two in return.


meHermione Wilson, Staff Writer

I’m the ugly duckling in a family of beautiful and beauty conscious women (just ask my sister, who recently moaned “Is that what you wore to work today?!”). My daily beauty routine takes three minutes and consists of me slapping concealer on my face. If I’m feeling very adventurous, I’ll even put on lipstick! As for going to the spa, I’ve never even had a massage, much less treated myself to an indulgent day at the spa.

Since I left my sleep-deprived-sweater-and-sweatpants-wearing college days behind, I’ve started to take primping and preening more seriously. I’m nearing my thirties now and, like Audrey Hepburn in Sabrina, I long to be transformed from an ugly duckling into a ladylike, French souffle-making swan. I’ve begun to experiment with waxing, plucking, exfoliating, mani-pedis and make-up like never before. I look forward to further experimentation in the service of Spa Inc.!