Good Customer Service is Always a Good Idea

By Carmelina Karas

I’ve heard it said that good customer service is hard to find – but it shouldn’t be. If you ask yourself what type of interactions you have enjoyed with other businesses, do any of them have to do with their customer service department? You may be surprised to know that even if your job title has no mention of the phrase, this article still applies to you. Do you work with your clients face-to-face? Do you handle customers over the phone? Are the only people you speak to during the day your co-workers? No matter whom you interact with, good customer service is always a good idea. Here are some tips that may change a negative experience into a positive one.

Mind Your Manners
Whether you were taught by family, school or another authority figure, chances are you were instructed to say “please”, “thank you”, and “you’re welcome”. Think back to a time when someone thanked you – I bet it felt good to be appreciated. Clients enter your business with an expectation that they will be treated as a welcomed guest. They may be there to purchase a treatment, product or just learn more. Without them, you wouldn’t have a business so why not make them feel appreciated. A simple please before a request showcases a level of respect that you have for the other person. The same applies for over the phone and email conversations. Manners go a long way.

That Little Extra Step
Have you ever been presented with additional information or a problem that has nothing to do with your business? A client has come in for a treatment after a stressful day and mentions their daughter is moving and they are trying to coordinate the rental truck. Maybe you remember seeing a discount code for a local company or know a reputable mover. Why not mention it to them rather than just being empathetic to their stress. Another client had to cut back their product purchases because their basement flooded yet has run out of their cleanser. You know that in just one week a promotion will be coming up and tell your client that you can apply the discount code early to help them out. These scenarios may not apply to you, but thinking of ways to make their lives easier can create a big difference in client retention and overall satisfaction.

Optimism Is Key
Everyone loves seeing smiling, happy faces when they enter a store or business. Whether you are at the beginning of your shift or the end of a long day, each client deserves a positive and welcoming attitude. Is your job primarily over the phone? Smile while talking and you may diffuse a sticky situation. The customer will be able to hear it in your voice! If a customer enters with a problem, remember they came to you for a solution rather than just posting a bad review online. Even if you are not able to provide them with the remedy they are expecting, keeping a humble approach with a listening ear, rather than going on the defensive, can create a better outcome.

We are all customer service providers, no matter our job title or description. At the end of the day, each team member is a representative of the company’s brand. Use these tips to create an environment that customers can’t wait to step back into.

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