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5 Tips to Enhance an Online Presence

By Keri LaPlante            MagNet is a big conference held for Canadian magazine professionals and it just happened this past week. I didn’t need to attend the conference to know just how much social media has changed the face of business, but each course further reinforced this idea. All the inspiring

Finding the Balance

By Sarah Vassos Today, I wear my ‘Mom’ label as proudly as Superman wore that ‘S’ on his chest. We moms are achieving enormous feats just to balance our careers with the demands of nurturing our families. I’m a busy mom of two and life can get a little chaotic (I’m sure you gals are

spAWARDS 2013

By Keri LaPlante Planning an event like the spAWARDS Gala is no easy task. With only a small portion in my care, I am in awe of those who managed to pull everything together. These great gift bags and all the fantastic swag that went in them are one example of all the finer touches

Massage manners 101: the bare facts

   By Kim Cristini We all have our guilty pleasures. For some it may be reality tv; others can’t resist the allure of chocolate. For me, it’s always been indulging in massages.  I find nothing more relaxing than immersing myself in the tranquility of a spa knowing that for the next hour my thoughts, cares, and pains

Seriously? Adult Acne?

By Lindsay Grummett I’ve struggled with acne since I was in high school and chances are you have too. The American Academy of Dermatology says that nearly 85 percent of all people have had acne at some point in their lives, most often on the face, chest and back. As a teen, I used to

ABA Show a Bevy of Beauty

By Theresa Rogers The things we do for beauty… I didn’t feel very beautiful the other night when I was sitting at my kitchen table, products strewn across it, each finger wrapped in a robot finger of tinfoil. I was trying to remove the gel mani I had received from Lisa, an amazing aesthetician I