Test Divas – Dr. Payot Sensi-Expert Comforting Repair Care


By Lindsay Grummett

Sensitive sisters have I got a product for you (and your male counterparts if they suffer from sensitivities of the skin)! It comes from Dr. Payot’s new line called Sensi-Expert which uses fewer ingredients to lower the chance of skin reactions.

The product is said to sooth and calm skin irritations while nourishing and reinforcing the skin. Since my skin’s been acting like the inflamed face of a teen lately (complete with redness, dryness, acne pretty much all other loathsome skin concerns) I jumped at the chance to use their Comforting Repair Care and I was not disappointed.

The concept of the Comforting Repair Care is to provide support when your skin’s having an SOS moment and with my skin waving the white flag for a while now, I put it on as soon as I got home.
The product is a cream mask—which I’ve never used before. Essentially, after washing your face you apply a thick layer of the cream for 10 to 15 minutes and then remove excess with a  swab. That’s it! It doesn’t harden. It’s not messy. And the best part-no washing off after (which I LOVE since it makes me feel like I’m actually using the product and not washing it down the sink).

Algae polyuronides are said to offer anti-inflammatory action, calm down heating sensation, and sooth redness. Check, check and check. My skin felt nourished, irritations were less pronounces, my redness was diminished (even my boss noticed)!

If you try (and love) the product like I do, you can check out their entire Sensi-Expert line which includes an anti-redness cream, cleansing water, moisturizer and more. http://www.payot.com/CA/en/

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