• A journey to wellness

    A journey to wellness

    Issue: Spring 2019 Author: Valérie Grandury

    Odacité was born out of my journey back to health after battling breast cancer, when I made a promise to myself: I would never expose my body to harmful toxins and chemicals, starting with the products I was applying to my skin. Driven by my personal healing, I wanted to show the world that you don’t need to sacrifice performance for purity.

  • Medi-Spas East to West

    Medi-Spas East to West

    Issue: Winter 2018 Author: Jana Manolakos

    According to a report by Allied Market Research, the global medical spa market is projected to reach $27,566 million by 2025. We took a look at three Canadian success stories. EAST - Quebec City and many other locations, CENTRAL - WOODBRIDGE, ONTARIO, and WEST - CALGARY, ALBERTA

  • My Business Journey

    My Business Journey

    Issue: Winter 2018 Author: Susan Watkin

    I started in this industry 19 years ago, which seems like a lifetime but yet like yesterday. My passion for skincare and all things beauty started even before that; I can remember as early as 11 starting a proper skin routine, going to the department stores and admiring the cosmetics counters. By this age my Christmas list was filled with all things skincare and makeup.

  • Managing the Financial Side of Your Spa

    Managing the Financial Side of Your Spa

    Issue: Fall 2018 Author: Susan Watkin

    Every business survives not only on its customer service or products, but on its financial foundation. A lot of business owners shy away from the financial talk, which can seem overwhelming as it isn’t your specialty or your expertise, but therefore you need to look for guidance elsewhere.

  • Pushing The Boundaries

    Pushing The Boundaries

    Issue: Fall 2018 Author: Vivienne O’Keeffe

    I recently heard about a day spa owner planning to put a new $95,000 laser treatment machine into service mere days after a brief training program and taking delivery of it. Shaken by the obvious perils of inexperienced technicians zapping spa guests with advanced targeted devices, and having written and spoken extensively on risk management within the spa industry etc.

  • Communicating Your Brand on Social Media

    Communicating Your Brand on Social Media

    Issue: Fall 2018 Author: Katie Dempsey

    Branding and social media go hand in hand, and it is hard to succeed at one without the other. Branding, for example, creates a personality around your spa business. Clients that resonate with your brand personality can become fiercely loyal, and will help shape your reputation. Social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram assist in this process, providing a space where etc.

  • Accessibility is the Key to New Customers

    Accessibility is the Key to New Customers

    Issue: Summer 2018 Author: Sarah White

    According to the Canadian Survey on Disability recently released by Statistics Canada, about 3.8 million working-age Canadians (aged 15 to 64) self-identified as disabled in 2012. That's 13.7 per cent of us. That means that statistically, every seventh client you serve is disabled in some way. That percentage is going up as our population ages, since 50 per cent of people over the age of 65 experience disability.

  • 5 Marketing Strategies to Attract First-timers

    5 Marketing Strategies to Attract First-timers

    Issue: Summer 2018 Author: Cadi Jordan

    Getting new people into your spa isn’t necessarily the challenge. After all, word of mouth through friends and family is a big help along with a good public relations and social media strategy. The real challenge is reaching those that have never been to the spa before. How do you convince the newbie spa-goer that the spa is for them? Here are five marketing strategies to attract the first-timers to your spa.

  • Keeping It Clean

    Keeping It Clean

    Issue: Summer 2018 Author: Hermione Wilson

    Proper infection control practices benefit both spa staff and guests - A lack of legislation surrounding health and safety at the spa makes it difficult to establish a standard of practices that all spa businesses must adhere to. This leads to a diversity of approaches to infection control, which can cause problems.

  • L.E.A.D.ing The Way

    L.E.A.D.ing The Way

    Issue: Spring 2018 Author: Hermione Wilson

    When Bonnie Annis and Will Roderick first conceived of the L.E.A.D. Spa & Wellness Conference in 2017, they wanted to stop seeing their spa clients go out of business. The co-founders of L’Moor, a Canadian supplier of spa and wellness products, supplies and equipment, decided they needed to provide the spa industry with a vital missing piece.

  • 5 Things That Happen When You Upskill Your Spa Staff

    5 Things That Happen When You Upskill Your Spa Staff

    Issue: Spring 2018 Author: Nikos Kouremenos

    Productivity is increased, Morale is improved, Turnover is reduced, Customer service improves and guest spending increases & Your business will be up-to-date with trends and technology

  • Under Consturction

    Under Construction

    Issue: Spring 2018 Author: Hermione Wilson

    When is the right time to renovate your spa business? “When you know, you know,” says Sonia Imerti, owner of Oakville, Ontario’s Pretty in Pink Spa. “It’s kind of like when people say, ‘is there a right or wrong time to have a baby?’” she says. “You just have to go with your gut.”

  • Can you hear me

    Can You Hear Me?

    Issue: Spring 2018 Author: Kathryn Stolle

    How effectively you communicate as a team, in the workplace and with your guests, can help determine the success of your spa in the long run. But it can only happen if you have an effective, reliable organizational framework in which each team member knows what is expected and can be confident doing his or her job.

  • Mobile Spas

    Hitting the Road with Mobile Spas

    Issue: Winter 2017 Author: Alexander McCleave

    Are you trying to expand your spa business? Unsure how to tap into new markets and grow your demographic? The solution may be to hit the road and start your very own mobile spa. “Most spas can’t accommodate 30 people and we can,” says Joanna Wright, co-owner of Wright Spa Mobile Service. “We bring everything to you, the entire spa experience, and make your office or home feel like a real spa.”

  • Free Floating

    Free Floating

    Issue: Winter 2017 Author: Hermione Wilson

    Nadeem Jiwani started floating in someone’s basement when he was studying economics, business and psychology at the University of Waterloo, Ontario. His first float was great, but he didn’t completely relax, Jiwani says. He had a bit of an epiphany the second time around and by the third time, he was hooked.

  • What Do Clients Look for in a Wellness Retreat?

    What Do Clients Look for in a Wellness Retreat?

    Issue: Winter 2017 Author: Ava Roxanne Stritt

    As the winter creeps in, a spa can provide a welcomed vacation from the cold weather and an immersion in health and wellness. For spa owners and staff, this season is a great time of year to market a healthy getaway at a destination spa. As the wellness tourism trend continues to surge, the number of health retreats increases, too.

  • The New Frontiers of Wellness

    The New Frontiers of Wellness

    Issue: Winter 2017 Author: Vivienne O’Keeffe

    The 2017 Global Wellness Summit in Palm Beach, Florida shone a spotlight on disease prevention last October. According to the World Economic Forum, roughly 70 per cent of all deaths each year result from preventable diseases, while the global cost of largely preventable chronic disease could reach $47 trillion by 2030

  • breast cancer awareness

    Breast Cancer Awareness
    and the Socially Conscious Spa Brand

    Issue: Fall 2017 Author: Hermione Wilson

    October was Breast Cancer Awareness Month, a time to raise awareness about a disease which has claimed the lives of so many women and to support efforts to fund further research and hopefully a cure.

  • Shelf Life

    Shelf Life

    Issue: Fall 2017 Author: Mary Orlando

    It’s easy to forget that many active skin care ingredients are fragile. It’s only a matter of time until heat and oxygen render them useless. Products expire as soon as their expiration date or the end of their PAO (period after opening) is reached.

  • ready for medi

    Ready for Medi

    Issue: Summer 2017 Author: Vivienne O’Keeffe

    Many spas have already added medical spa treatments to their existing list of services. The two most prominent ones – laser treatments and CoolSculpting – require not only a significant capital outlay, but also staff and training to run them.

  • Everybody Wins

    Everybody Wins

    Issue: Summer 2017 Author: Frank Pitsikalis

    The time has come for spa operators to embrace the significant opportunity to improve the financial performance of their operations. Without fundamentally changing the services or products they sell, they can make small but significant changes to when they offer those services in order to produce incredible improvements.

  • Spa Treatments for Young Clients

    Spa Treatments for Young Clients

    Issue: Spring 2017 Author: Hermione Wilson

    Most spas are dedicated to serving clients in their teens and up, but according to a 2013 report by ISPA, only about 28 per cent of spas offer services to children under the age of 13. To be sure, children cannot be treated in the same way as more mature spa-goers, but they are certainly in need of the wellness benefits of the spa as much as their parents.

  • The Dawning Age of Wellness

    Treating Sun Damage at the Spa

    Issue: Spring 2017 Author: Dr. Diane Wong

    I recently attended the most impressive 2016 Global Wellness Summit in Kitzbuhel, Austria, an international gathering of wellness industry providers. I was privileged to come away with what I believe is a glimpse at the future of the spa industry, one that today’s businesses can choose to either ignore or embrace.

  • The Dawning Age of Wellness

    The Dawning Age of Wellness

    Issue: Winter 2016/2017 Author: Vivienne O’Keeffe

    I recently attended the most impressive 2016 Global Wellness Summit in Kitzbuhel, Austria, an international gathering of wellness industry providers. I was privileged to come away with what I believe is a glimpse at the future of the spa industry, one that today’s businesses can choose to either ignore or embrace.

  • Men in Robes

    Men in Robes

    Issue: Winter 2016/2017 Author: Hermione Wilson

    Understanding the male spa-goer is one thing; retaining their loyalty is quite another. Here are some tips and tactics I’ve gleaned from the experts about how to get men into the spa and keep them there:

  • Creating Work-Life Balance

    Creating Work-Life Balance

    Issue: Fall 2016 Author: Allison Hegedus

    As a fast-moving society, we tend to work long hours to get ahead in the work place or to climb the corporate ladder. Taking on more responsibilities when a role is eliminated, when we are short-staffed or when an employee takes maternity leave are examples of how we continue to add to our workload.

  • Wellness trends and education driving the spa industry

    Anna-Cari Gund - Wellness trends and education

    Issue: Fall 2016 Author: Hermione Wilson

    Anna-Cari Gund is the President of CIDESCO International - A world standard for beauty and spa therapy education. We spoke to her about wellness in the spa industry and how spa therapists and managers can educate themselves to be successful.

  • Quality Guaranteed

    Workplace Wellness

    Issue: Fall 2016 Author: Robert Cass

    In a business where the whole goal of service delivery is to create greater wellness for the client, the leadership and business does not always respond the same way to the people who work in it. More simply, the job of the spa is to make its clients look good and feel good, but does the spa also help, inspire, assist or coach the people who work there to look good and feel good?

  • Quality Guaranteed

    Quality Guaranteed

    Issue: Summer 2016 Author: Elena Zinchenko

    As spa treatments continue to gain popularity across the country, concerns around hygiene and safety have come into the spotlight. Currently, there is no federal regulatory body for the Canadian spa industry.

  • From Inside the Lab

    From Inside the Lab

    Issue: Summer 2016 Author: Isabelle Villeneuve

    Every April, Europe hosts in-cosmetics Global, the largest cosmetology conference in the world. During this event, participants can discover new ingredients and new ideas, and hear about the different projects researchers are working on worldwide.

  • Going Organic as a Spa Business Strategy

    Going Organic as a Spa Business Strategy

    Issue: Spring 2016 Author: Kirsten Foss

    Are you debating a shift in your spa business to become organic? Perhaps you’re hoping to stand out in a busy, and rather noisy, beauty industry or maybe this choice is in alignment with your company vision (or promise) of supporting guests in their pursuit of clean living.

  • Senator Olsen

    It’s Canada’s turn to #BeCrueltyFree

    Issue: Spring 2016 Author: Senator Carolyn Stewart Olsen

    Like many Canadians, I believe it is time to end the practice of animal testing for cosmetic purposes. Animal testing is a cruel and inhumane practice which is firmly rooted in the industrial environment of the mid-20th century.

  • 3 Ways to Innovate

    3 Ways to Innovate

    Issue: Winter 2015/16 Author: Robert C. Cass

    With such intense competition for clients in the spa marketplace, it has become necessary for spas to differentiate themselves through innovation. This may mean creating unique experiences that will have clients coming back for more, or simply being able to perform at a high level.

  • Forging Client Loyalty

    Forging Client Loyalty

    Issue: Winter 2015/16 Author: Allison Hegedus

    In an increasingly competitive market, spa operators must take both a creative and personal approach to building and retaining client loyalty. Taking the time to get to know your clients on a personal level allows you to connect with them and form a relationship.

  • Water Works

    Water Works

    Issue: Fall 2015 Author: Hermione Wilson

    The benefits of spa and wellness treatments can often be lost on spa goers. They may have come to relax and not engage in a lot of conversation. Their latest facial is the best one for them but the training protocol received by the aesthetician would be lost on them. Often, how a spa wants to get its message across isn’t how clients are receiving it.

  • From the Red Carpet to the Spa

    From the Red Carpet to the Spa

    Issue: Summer 2015 Author: Hermione Wilson

    The Oscars, Grammys, Golden Globes, VMAs, Met Gala – together they drive the celebrity circus that dominates our TV screens throughout the year. The events themselves are fascinating enough, with their wardrobe malfunctions, bad jokes and real-time drama, but before they even begin our eyes are glued to the red carpet.

  • >Pampering and Positivity

    Pampering and Positivity

    Issue: Summer 2015 Author: Hermione Wilson

    Entering that tranquil space, stripped of the clutter and noise of the outside world, creates an opportunity for reflection and self-examination. It can also be a time of great vulnerability for the spa client. This raw state can be a great opportunity for a deep and meaningful experience, but it can also cause clients’ insecurities about their bodies and appearance to bubble to the surface.

  • creative communication

    Creative Communication

    Issue: Fall 2015 Author: Cadi Jordan

    The benefits of spa and wellness treatments can often be lost on spa goers. They may have come to relax and not engage in a lot of conversation. Their latest facial is the best one for them but the training protocol received by the aesthetician would be lost on them. Often, how a spa wants to get its message across isn’t how clients are receiving it.

  • Mind Over Matter

    Mind Over Matter

    Issue: Fall 2015 Author: Hermione Wilson

    There is a side to the spa that may put a skeptic on alert. The benefits of a massage or a body treatment might be readily apparent, as is the indulgent necessity of a mani-pedi, but what about something like gem therapy and Reiki? On the surface it seems like a New Age holdover of a more bohemian era, out of place in an age of results-oriented science-backed spa treatments.

  • The Perfect Massage

    The perfect massage

    Issue: Spring 2015 Author: Amanda Swain

    A perfect massage is more than caresses, kneading, and patting. The perfect massage calms the mind, relieves muscle tension, brings us back into our physical bodies, re-energizes and restores us so that we can return to our over stimulated world and face the day to day challenges with renewed energy.

  • Dining at the spa

    Dining at the spa

    Issue: Spring 2015 Author: Hermione Wilson

    Like fine wine and good company, good food and a day at the spa go hand in hand. Picture this: you spend the morning being massaged and pampered, and after a soak in the hot tub or a cleansing session in the sauna, you pad down to the dining room in your spa robe and sandals for a delicious meal...

  • Sound Off

    Sound Off

    Issue: Spring 2015 Author: Hermione Wilson

    The spa is an oasis offering an escape from every day stresses – the daily grind of work, the pressures of parenthood, the addictive glow of smart phones – and importantly, a reprieve from the constant noise around us.

  • Sanctuary Day Spa

    Incorporating Medi into Spas - Part Two: Is there a doctor in the house?

    Issue: Fall 2014 Author: Dr. Diane Wong

    In this second part, we will now examine the incorporation of injectible cosmetic treatments which have rapidly gained in popularity in the past few years. Unfortunately, these medical treatments are now being trivialized and are no longer conducted only in medical clinics but are offered in many spas and salons. ...

  • Sanctuary Day Spa

    Sanctuary Day Spa

    Issue: Spring 2014 Author: Lindsay Grummett

    Sanctuary Day Spas has been on the Ontario spa scene since 1999. The Sanctuary experience includes a full range of spa and aesthetic services. Over the years, the name has grown into one of the most trusted and recognized in the industry...

  • Incorporating Medi into Spas

    Incorporating Medi into Spas

    Issue: Spring 2014 Author: Dr. Diane Wong

    Many spas have considered incorporating or have already incorporated medical spa treatments into their existing menu of services. The lure of all the potential benefits have outshone the reality of the risks and liabilities. It is imperative, however, to closely examine the drawbacks of becoming involved in medical spa treatments.

  • In Good Company

    In Good Company

    Issue: Spring 2014 Author: Sareema Husain

    For the savvy spa owner, a healthy relationship with the right distributor can translate directly into increased sales, not to mention reduced stress. Find the right distributor to meet your spa’s needs and enjoy one-stop access to a variety of project lines, training and marketing support material to accentuate your clients’ experiences at the spa and dramatically increase your retail sales.

  • Defining Beauty

    Wellness Tourism

    Issue: Winter 2013/2014 Author: Theresa Rogers and Lindsay Grummett

    It’s a combination of spa, vacation, and bootcamp in the British Columbia wilderness, but the location is more than eye candy; it’s the setting and the modus operandi for Mountain Trek Fitness Retreat & Health Spa...

  • Defining Beauty

    The Wellness Experience

    Issue: Winter 2013/2014 Author: Lindsay Grummett

    Over the last few years, the word wellness has become a staple in the spa industry. A 2010 study* supports this by showing today’s consumers most frequently mention exercise, eating better, and visiting a spa when asked how they enhance their wellness...

  • Defining Beauty

    Soul Mates

    Issue: Winter 2013/2014 Author: Nicolas Heffernan

    Spa and yoga form the perfect marriage to offer increased services to clients, and the growing number of spas with yoga on the menu are testimony to this ideal coupling. Toronto’s 889 is a hot spot for spa-going yoga enthusiasts...

  • Defining Beauty

    Seven innovative solutions for your spa business

    Issue: Fall 2013 Author: Cadi Jordan

    Social media is part in parcel with your marketing. Like any business, your spa can benefit from implementing social media solutions tailored to your business. Here are seven tips that can help you maximize your online presence...

  • Defining Beauty

    Employing aroma as a business strategy

    Issue: Fall 2013 Author: Lindsay Grummett

    Stepping into the spa is a tantalizing experience for the senses—soft music, a compatible colour scheme, and inviting smells are typical tactics used to create an enjoyable ambiance for guests...

  • Defining Beauty

    Building a successful business takes strategy

    Issue: Fall 2013 Author: Lindsay Grummett

    In a world of stress, spas are a serene environment offering relaxation and momentary relief from the daily grind. But for the spa owner, this tranquil space is a place of business and success in the spa industry is not a certainty. According to the 2006 Canadian Spa Sector Profile, the industry has become increasingly competitive over the years...

  • Defining Beauty

    Defining Beauty

    Issue: Summer 2013 Author: Lindsay Grummett

    This year, People magazine named Gwyneth Paltrow the World’s Most Beautiful Woman. Last year it was Beyonce and in 2011 JLo took the top spot. All three women come from diverse ethnic backgrounds and are remarkably different— one with full, thick lips, another with a smaller mouth and a dimpled smile, yet something about...

  • Aesthetic Revolution

    Aesthetic Revolution

    Issue: Summer 2013 Author: Nicolas Heffernan

    Yolanda Delafranier is exasperated by the difficulties to get regulations adopted for aestheticians in Western Canada. “It’s frustrating that there is no regulation,” says Delafranier, who works for Tru Spa Institute in Nanaimo, British Columbia, in admissions and community relations. Delafranier has worked tirelessly to get spa owners to recognize the value of a fully trained aesthetician but...

  • Green is the new black

    Green is the new black

    Issue: Spring 2013 Author: Sharon Aschaiek

    Environmentally conscious businesses are rapidly growing, and spas are among the leaders when it comes to prioritizing the planet and making sustainable practices a strategic part of their business plan. That's what happening at The Spa Ritual, an Asian-inspired eco-spa in Calgary that embraces sustainability by reducing waste, using natural products...

  • Power Down

    Navigating Labels in the Green Era

    Issue: Spring 2013 Author: Chelsea Shim

    Watch out for the organic and all natural labels on the beauty products you select for use in your spas. They are not always what they claim to be. Lynn Shulman, owner of Elixir Organic Spa in Toronto, learned this the hard way. Over 10 years ago, Shulman suffered from a terrible allergic reaction from an "organic" beauty product she had purchased...

  • Power Down

    Power Down

    Issue: Spring 2013 Author: Nicolas Heffernan

    In a world going green, energy efficiency is a clear winner for both your ecological footprint and your bottom line. "We all need to have a green strategy today," says Shane Price, the CEO of Green Circle Salons, a company that helps both salons and spas make green choices...

  • Tightening massage regulations

    Tightening massage regulations

    Issue: Winter 2013 Author: Lisa Gossen

    New rules instituted by insurance companies across Canada this year are setting higher requirements for massage therapists to provide insurance claims for their clients. Massage therapy remains the primary treatment received by spa goers according to the International SPA Association 2011 U.S. Spa Industry Study...

  • Forever Young

    Forever young

    Issue: Winter 2013 Author: Talbot Boggs

    Caviar lovers rejoice. Not only can they eat the rare and expensive delicacy, now they can have a facial with it. That's right. Customers at Chi, the Spa at Shangri-la in Vancouver, BC, can receive a 75-minute golden caviar facial.

  • The Science of Skincare

    The Science of Skincare

    Issue: Fall 2012 Author: Julia Teeluck

    Have you ever read the ingredients list on a bottle of face cream? Four-syllable words in tiny print can be difficult to decipher. Right now, there's a plethora of buzz words floating around. Peptides. Stem cells. What do they mean? What do they do?...

  • Because you're worth it

    Because you're worth it

    Issue: Fall 2012 Author: Julia Teeluck

    In addition to the spa-next-door, spa owners face competition from at-home options. They're convenient, sometimes more cost-efficient and marketed as being at least as effective as professional treatments. They come in all forms from laser hair removal devices to gadgets that tighten skin and...

  • Telomeres


    Issue: Fall 2012 Author: Julia Teeluck

    A quickly progressing area of research is promising positive impact for the spa and wellness industry. Dr. Elissa S. Epel is unravelling the mysteries of telomeres and pointing to ways these little genetic accessories might offer guidance and measures for future health and wellness programs...

  • Salt Therapy

    Salt Therapy

    Issue: Fall 2012 Author: Lauren Der

    Salt has suffered a bad reputation for years, and even today remains an ingredient to avoid when meal-planning. However, Canadians can now benefit from another use of salt that has flourished in other parts of the globe: salt therapy...

  • Dive into the World of

    Innovation Through Imagination

    Issue: Summer 2012 Author: Heather Ednie

    In times of rising healthcare costs, ageing populations, increasing obesity challenges—coupled with an encouraging growing focus on sustainable living, the global spa industry is looking to rebrand as the wellness industry that plays a key role in preventative care and overall well-being...

  • Dive into the World of

    Dive into the World of Detoxification

    Issue: Summer 2012 Author: Julia Teeluck

    When you think of detoxification, do visions of women crunching on carrots come to mind? Detox doesn't mean deprivation, though some fast to give the digestive system a break. Au contraire, detoxing involves supporting the body through toxin elimination with balanced nutrition, supplements, and treatments..

  • Supporting a Strong Spa Industry

    Supporting a Strong Spa Industry

    Issue: Summer 2012 Author: Heather Ednie

    This spring, the fast-growing spa industry in Quebec gained a new voice. On May 7, the Association Québécoise des spas was formed to mobilize the province's exploding spa industry...

  • Revamp and Renew

    Revamp and Renew

    Issue: Summer 2012 Author: Julia Teeluck

    A simple change can go a long way. You've seen the makeover shows where a person tosses her wardrobe, cuts her hair, tries a new shade of lipstick and emerges completely transformed. At the end of the makeover she is beaming with pride and confidence...

  • Taking On Trends

    Taking On Trends

    Issue: Spring 2012 Author: Julia Teeluck

    Metallic blue shadow or bright orange lips may not be the average spa client’s idea of beauty; however, as daring as runway makeup can get, spas that offer makeup application should make a point to keep up with trends. “Fashion trends definitely have relevance in our industry,” says Shawn Towne...

  • What Brides Want

    What Brides Want

    Issue: Spring 2012 Author: Julia Teeluck

    With wedding season approaching, brides are scouting for the perfect spa or salon for their beauty regimen in preparation for their big day. Every bride wants to be the centre of attention—a princess for a day. From offering on-site visits to the bride on her day, to complimentary champagne and...

  • A beautiful business

    A Beautiful Business

    Issue: Spring 2012 Author: Julia Teeluck

    Customers won’t hesitate to switch companies due to poor service, whether it’s the phone company that keeps them on hold or the sales attendant busy gossiping with her co-worker. This also applies to spas. Half-off discounts and two-for-one specials will bring in business, but you won’t gain the...

  • Holistic Wellness

    Holistic Wellness

    Issue: Winter 2012 Author: Heather Ednie

    Body, mind, and spirit translates into savvy business for the spa community. In today’s hustle and bustle world, spas are becoming a valuable, necessary part of a person’s complete health and care regimen. As important as a trip to the hair dresser, the dentist or the gym, from the day spa to the...

  • Bringing fitness to the forefront

    Bringing Fitness to the Forefront

    Issue: Winter 2012 Author: Julia Teeluck

    Fitness classes, yoga, and outdoor activities complement the wellness experience at a spa and can be the perfect match for the treatments offered. “It’s a wonderful pairing and I’m surprised more spas don’t have fitness offered in their facilities,” says...

  • Boost clients’ wellness through nutrition

    Boost Clients’ Wellness Through Nutrition

    Issue: Winter 2012 Author: Julia Teeluck

    From complimentary fruit and signature herbal teas to a five-star menu designed to please any palate, the nutritional services a spa offers are an important element in the whole body wellness experience for clients. “Spas are an ideal place to encourage healthy living and provide ...

  • Carving Your Niche in the Spa Market

    Carving Your Niche in the Spa Market

    Issue: Fall 2011 Author: Chelsea Shim

    What is the first image that comes to mind when you hear the words “spa day?” Scrap the cliché images of beautiful, young women in fluffy robes. Instead, picture this: macho men drinking herbal tea, toddlers receiving shiatsu massages, or fluffy dogs with pink nail polish...

  • Setting the standard

    Setting the Standard

    Issue: Fall 2011 Author: Heather Ednie

    Much action and debate in recent years has centred on the perceived lack of regulation and standards for the Canadian spa industry. In response, both Spas Relais santé in Quebec, and Leading Spas of Canada nationwide are among associations that have developed...

  • Oncology massage

    Oncology Massage

    Issue: Fall 2011 Author: Heather Ednie

    This September, the world gathered for a United Nations General Assembly on Noncommunicable Diseases, in recognition that these are the causes of the most deaths worldwide. Cancer itself is responsible for 7.6 million deaths annually (2008 numbers). Not to mention the vast numbers of fighters, and...

  • Greening Your Spa by Jason Hagerman

    Greening Your Spa

    Issue: Summer 2011 Author: Jason Hagerman

    As the population of our planet balloons beyond seven billion this year, resources we take for granted become scarce and careful management of what remains is critical. Whether your spa is a behemoth with 50 or more staff, or a one-person boutique, there are opportunities to change the way you...

  • Extreme mass marketing by Heather Ednie

    Extreme Mass Marketing

    Issue: Summer 2011 Author: Heather Ednie

    We have all heard about it, and apparently, many of us have tried it. From Groupon to LivingSocial to WagJag, group discount sites are flooding the internet, and the spa industry, in particular, is putting itself on the deeply discounted market. These daily deals are so dramatic, it sounds almost too good to be true—and in fact, it just might be...

  • Step into the hybrid world by Jason Hagerman

    Step into the Hybrid World

    Issue: Summer 2011 Author: Chelsea Shim

    The growing interest among spa-goers in advanced medical aesthetic treatments has started a new trend within traditional day spas. These spas are expanding their services to include medical cosmetic treatments. The procedures practiced are...

  • Are you the best-of-the-best? by Heather Ednie

    Are You the Best-of-the-Best?

    Issue: Spring 2011 Author: Heather Ednie

    If you’re proud of your spa, if your clients are well-satisfied, and your marketing efforts progressive, it’s time to tell the world. Go online and nominate your spa in one of the categories offered by spAWARDS and earn the rights to tell the world your spa is a leader. A call for nominations is out, for 10 award categories including...

  • Head of the Class Spa

    Head of the Class

    Issue: Spring 2011 Author: Jason Hagerman

    Two summers ago we launched the Opening a Spa series with the aim to prepare new spa owners for the challenges they face on the path to business ownership. In this, the eighth and final installment of Opening a Spa, we delve into education and training.

  • No more lollygagging by Heather Ednie

    No More Lollygagging

    Issue: Spring 2011 Author: Heather Ednie

    Think of a typical waiting room: it is a punishment to endure. However, a savvy spa owner can take that pit of ennui and turn it into an entertaining opportunity to increase business. Now, the waiting room can become an educational extension of the whole spa experience. The front desk can be the most...

  • The Spa Olympics

    The Spa Olympics

    Issue: Spring 2011 Author: Bernadette Johnson

    If you’re looking to hire a young, ambitious, and talented beauty and aesthetics professional, there is one sure-fire way to find the best of the best. Simply look to the Skills Canada National Competition to meet the best...

  • Marketing Your Spa

    Marketing Your Spa

    Issue: Winter 2010/2011 Author: Jason Hagerman

    Starting a spa business is an exhaustive and difficult endeavour. It takes hard work and long hours to take a spa from concept to reality. Once the spa is built, staffed and equipped, a spa owner can’t just sit back and watch the customers roll in.

  • Medi Spa 101 by Bernadette Johnson

    Medi Spa 101

    Issue: Winter 2010/2011 Author: Bernadette Johnson

    In recent years the industry has witnessed the blending of the health care and spa industries with the emergence of the medical spa. And the model continues to evolve. The lines are blurring, say experts, bringing to light new opportunities and some unique considerations for stakeholders on both sides of the coin. “The main point of differentiation is that...

  • Protocols


    Issue: Fall 2010 Author: Jason Hagerman

    With each passing day, you’re getting closer to the grand opening of your new spa business. It’s been more than a year now since the Opening a Spa series debuted with the business plan guide, and we’re hopeful that we’ve helped you through some of the roadblocks along the way.

  • Hiring


    Issue: Summer 2010 Author: Jason Hagerman

    In the spa industry, the most effective methods of seeking out resumes from qualified candidates don’t cost a dime. White will also foray into social media advertising, like that which is available through Facebook....

  • Moving In

    Moving In

    Issue: Spring 2010 Author: Jason Hagerman

    Products are one piece of the jigsaw puzzle that is bringing a successful spa together. Products in the spa can be boiled down to fit into one of two classifications: those that are used in treatments and those that are sold as retail. They may be the same. There are a lot of variables to consider when deciding on the products you will use for services and as retail goods..

  • Location, Location, Location

    Location, Location, Location

    Issue: Winter 2009/2010 Author: Jason Hagerman

    Real estate agents can do a lot for potential spa owners, so enlisting the services of an agent, particularly an agent with experience in the retail/commercial field, comes as a highly recommended approach.

  • Finding Financing

    Finding Financing

    Issue: Fall 2009 Author: Jason Hagerman

    As a hopeful spa owner, you need to know all of the potential costs associated with running the business. To break it down, what will your initial investment be?When starting from scratch… … you’ll need to buy land, pay for contractors, workers, permits and materials to construct your...

  • The Business

    The Business

    Issue: Summer 2009 Author: Jason Hagerman

    The very first thing that a potential spa operator needs to do is develop a business plan. This is the most fundamental document that a spa entrepreneur will create and its purpose is manyfold. It will provide internal guidance over a set period of time, it will keep track of activities for any external advisors, will keep the...