• Head of the Class Spa

    Head of the Class, Opening a Spa Part 8

    Issue: Spring 2011 Author: Jason Hagerman

    Two summers ago we launched the Opening a Spa series with the aim to prepare new spa owners for the challenges they face on the path to business ownership. In this, the eighth and final installment of Opening a Spa, we delve into education and training.

  • The Spa Olympics

    The Spa Olympics, Opening a Spa Part 8

    Issue: Spring 2011 Author: Bernadette Johnson

    If you’re looking to hire a young, ambitious, and talented beauty and aesthetics professional, there is one sure-fire way to find the best of the best. Simply look to the Skills Canada National Competition to meet the best...

  • Marketing Your Spa

    Marketing Your Spa, Opening a Spa Part 7

    Issue: Winter 2010/2011 Author: Jason Hagerman

    Starting a spa business is an exhaustive and difficult endeavour. It takes hard work and long hours to take a spa from concept to reality. Once the spa is built, staffed and equipped, a spa owner can’t just sit back and watch the customers roll in.

  • Protocols

    Protocols, Opening a Spa Part 6

    Issue: Fall 2010 Author: Jason Hagerman

    With each passing day, you’re getting closer to the grand opening of your new spa business. It’s been more than a year now since the Opening a Spa series debuted with the business plan guide, and we’re hopeful that we’ve helped you through some of the roadblocks along the way.

  • Hiring

    Hiring, Opening a Spa Part 5

    Issue: Summer 2010 Author: Jason Hagerman

    In the spa industry, the most effective methods of seeking out resumes from qualified candidates don’t cost a dime. White will also foray into social media advertising, like that which is available through Facebook....

  • Moving In

    Moving In, Opening a Spa Part 4

    Issue: Spring 2010 Author: Jason Hagerman

    Products are one piece of the jigsaw puzzle that is bringing a successful spa together. Products in the spa can be boiled down to fit into one of two classifications: those that are used in treatments and those that are sold as retail. They may be the same. There are a lot of variables to consider when deciding on the products you will use for services and as retail goods..

  • Location, Location, Location

    Location, Location, Location, Opening a Spa Part 3

    Issue: Winter 2009/2010 Author: Jason Hagerman

    Real estate agents can do a lot for potential spa owners, so enlisting the services of an agent, particularly an agent with experience in the retail/commercial field, comes as a highly recommended approach.

  • Finding Financing

    Finding Financing, Opening a Spa Part 2

    Issue: Fall 2009 Author: Jason Hagerman

    As a hopeful spa owner, you need to know all of the potential costs associated with running the business. To break it down, what will your initial investment be?When starting from scratch… … you’ll need to buy land, pay for contractors, workers, permits and materials to construct your building. Engineers will need to be contracted in order to...

  • The Business

    The Business, Opening a Spa Part 1

    Issue: Summer 2009 Author: Jason Hagerman

    The very first thing that a potential spa operator needs to do is develop a business plan. This is the most fundamental document that a spa entrepreneur will create and its purpose is manyfold. It will provide internal guidance over a set period of time, it will keep track of activities for any external advisors, will keep the government informed of your doings and...