Stay Sun Savvy this Summer

How do you stay sun savvy?

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It can be a pain to apply and then reapply sunscreen throughout the day, but it's necessary for skin health. Your clients will appreciate its impact on their wallets, too: prevention today helps avoid spending hundreds or thousands of dollars later on to fix damage (brown spots, dehydration, fine lines) caused by sun exposure.

High-tech protection

There are many great brands of sunscreen available, so how do you choose the best ones for your spa? Look for added technology.

Dermalogica reformulated four products in their Daylight Defense line to include the UV Smart Booster and Oleosome technology.

Oleosomes are naturally-occurring spheres of emollient oils and Vitamin E found in safflower seeds. They deliver active ingredients directly to the skin surface over time enabling a high SPF rating while using fewer sunscreen agents (this means fewer chemicals on the skin).

"Our UV Smart Booster is an encapsulation of vitamin C and vitamin E and it only breaks open when you're exposed to the sun," says Dermalogica Education Manager Holly Sherrard. "As we know, free radicals are the number one cause of photoaging on the skin. If you add vitamin C and E to sunscreen you're basically going to quench free radicals, giving you added protection."

Sherrard cautions that this does not mean you're not going to burn, only that you're not going to age as much.

Clients, such as Hammam Spa, appreciate that Demalogica's suncare line allows a beautiful complexion.

"We chose to carry the Daylight Defense line because Dermalogica is a trustworthy brand of quality sun protection products. The Daylight Defense line formulas don't clog the pores or cause breakouts or irritation," says Paula Aveling for Hammam Spa.

Layer up for a long lasting protection

"As a skin therapist or an aesthetician, you want to make sure that your client is layering on their sunscreen so that they get more protection throughout the day. The reality is that people who are wearing sunscreens are not applying enough to their skin, so the layering effect actually can give them more protection," say Sherrard.

For example, your client can apply a primer with an SPF 30, then a moisturizer with the Solar Defense Booster, which has an SPF 50. It won't equate an SPF 80, but you will likely be more protected for longer.

Tips for aestheticians

  • Physically show your client how much sunscreen she needs to apply (1 teaspoon for face)
  • Remind your client to reapply every two hours
  • Remind your client to apply to areas such as the front and back of the neck, chest, cleavage, ears and hands
  • Suggest the layering technique for long lasting protection
Author: Julia Teeluck