• JoAnn Fowler

    Issue: Spring 2019

    JoAnn Fowler made actors and actresses look picture-perfect for decades. Her career as an Emmy-nominated makeup artist landed her a prominent spot on television shows like The L Word, and major silver-screen series such as Twilight and the Final Destination franchise.

  • Maureen Holloway

    Issue: Winter 2018

    The long-time radio host won the Canadian Association of Broadcasters Gold Ribbon Award for Humour in 2006, and received the 2018 Rosalie Award for women who are “radio trailblazers.” But while the tiny creases around her bright green eyes testify to a life well-laughed, she also conquered breast cancer more than a decade ago.

  • Vivien Brown

    Issue: Fall 2018

    Toronto-based family physician Vivien Brown has zeroed in on the keys to aging gracefully, not just physically, but mentally and emotionally as well. Brown lectures around the world about healthy aging and women’s health, and her book A Woman’s Guide to Healthy Aging, shines a spotlight on the unique issues facing women etc.

  • Ann Kaplan

    Issue: Summer 2018

    A jack-of-all-trades who has made her mark in Toronto as a business woman, an author, and media personality. A hard-working, family-oriented, well-educated woman, she is also dedicated to a number of chariable causes. Kaplan is committed to the Aids Committee of Toronto and built her company iFinance Canada Inc to support those seeking financial aid for medical treatments.

  • Leigh Stringer

    Issue: Spring 2018

    Leigh Stringer is an architect and a workplace strategist with EYP Inc. She is an advocate of planning new workplaces by assessing how companies work, how they want to work in the future, and how best to design a workspace to meet those needs. A few years ago, Stringer says she “lost that mind-body connection”.

  • Ashley Callingbull

    Issue: Winter 2017

    Multi-talented Cree First Nations model and actor Ashley Callingbull is much more than just a pretty face. Since winning Mrs. Universe in 2015 – the first time a Canadian and a First Nations woman has won that title – the 28-year-old Enoch, Alberta, native has used her new platform to draw attention to Canada’s missing and murdered indigenous women.

  • Fareen Samji

    Issue: Fall 2017

    Fareen Samji is a former pro golfer and five-time Canadian International Long Drive Challenge champion. She is passionate about teaching women how to golf and how to leverage the game of golf in a business context.

  • Grego Minot

    Issue: Summer 2017

    Grego Minot embodies the concept of joie de vivre in everything she does. Perhaps it’s because she’s been on stage since she was very young, as an actress and a dancer. The busy mom and wife of nightclub owner and restaurateur Pierre Jutras is the recent star of The Real Housewives of Toronto.

  • Jana Webb

    Issue: Summer 2017

    Jana Webb came up with the name of her successful fitness practice more than seven years ago while she was working with CFL player, Henry Burris. “I owned a yoga studio at the time in Calgary,” she says. “He said, ‘You need to brand this.

  • Bruce Krahn

    Issue: Spring 2017

    Ont.-based celebrity personal trainer Bruce Krahn is all about pairing exercise with nutrition to help his clients meet their weight loss goals. Krahn has always had a passion for fitness.

  • Matty Conrad

    Issue: Winter 2016/2017

    Conrad opened his first barbershop, Victory Barber & Brand, in 2010, and has since been named “Coolest Barber on Instagram” by Details and GQ magazine, and was recognized as a top Canadian men’s hairstylist several years in a row.

  • Sadie Nardini

    Issue: Fall 2016

    Sadie Nardini is a yoga instructor by day and a rock star by night. As a teenager, Nardini was leaning toward the rock star life until she suffered a serious accident at a pool, dislocating her spine in three places.

  • Gillian Brown

    Issue: Summer 2016

    Gillian Brown describes herself as a holistic health coach. The Canadian yoga instructor, Reiki practitioner, and wellness blogger has a degree in Applied Human Nutrition and a passion for passing her healthy lifestyle on to others.

  • Paige Padgett

    Issue: Spring 2016

    Make-up artist and green beauty expert Paige Padgett has written a book that shows readers how to adopt a natural, toxic-free beauty routine. In The Green Beauty Rules: The Essential Guide to Toxic-Free Beauty, Green Glamour and Glowing Skin, Padgett debunks green beauty myths, explains the difference between natural.....

  • Meagan Duhamel

    Issue: Winter 2015/16

    Meagan Duhamel and her partner Eric Radford are among the top figure skating pairs in Canada. Aside from being a dedicated athlete, Duhamel is also dedicated vegan and certified holistic nutritionist who enjoys yoga and trips to the spa.

  • Erica Ehm

    Issue: Fall 2015

    Journalist, playwright, author, songwriter, MuchMusic VJ. Erica Ehm has worn many hats in her life, but none more challenging than Mom. As a new mother, Erica realized that a lot of media geared towards her demographic tended to ignore the wellbeing of the mother and ....

  • Jill Dunn

    Issue: Summer 2015

    Dunn went on to become ELLE Canada’s beauty editor, and later filled the same role at Glow magazine. Presently, she freelances for several publications, including Flare, Hello! Canada and Chatelaine and imparts beauty wisdom on The Marilyn Denis Show.

  • Brianne Theisen-Eaton

    Issue: Spring 2015

    At 25, Brianne has already set a record as the second-highest scoring Canadian heptathlete in history, represented Canada at the 2012 Olympic Games, and competed in numerous world track and field championships. She’s also one half of a track and field power couple...

  • Kelley Walker

    Issue: Winter 2015

    Kelley Walker’s nephew introduced her to Chia seeds. In late 2010, she established Chia Derm+, a line of anti-aging skincare products derived from the miracle seed. Walker spoke to us from her home in sunny Texas about her passion for all things Chia and aging gracefully.

  • Amanda Lindsay

    Issue: Fall 2014

    At age 16, Amanda Lindsay knew her calling. She completed a three-year diploma in Beauty Therapy in the UK and jumped into the industry with both feet. Hailing from a family of therapists, her career choice was no surprise. Lindsay’s mother is a reflexologist and her two elder sisters are skin therapists like herself.

  • Mary van Praag

    Issue: Spring 2014

    In November, beauty giant Coty Inc. announced the appointment of Mary van Praag to general manager of OPI, one of its signature global brands. She stepped into the role on January 1 this year, and will lead OPI’s growth and expansion. Van Praag successfully led Coty’s mass channel sales organization...

  • Kailee Kline

    Issue: Winter 2013/2014

    Kailee Kline is the founder and president of Healthwinds, a health and wellness spa in midtown Toronto. Kline got her big break when she started working for the King Ranch Health Spa and Fitness Resort, located in King City, ON. Her time at King Ranch, travels to Europe, and firsthand experience with Europe’s unique spa quality and treatments inspired her...

  • Shel Pink

    Issue: Fall 2013

    Shel Pink is a woman on a mission and as a serial entrepreneur, is making her mark in lots of places from a stint at Motown to clothing brand LOBA, to the spa industry. In 2004, she founded and launched SpaRitual. The company is committed to creating multi-purpose eco-friendly products and packaging using vegan ingredients from around the world...

  • Allan Skok

    Issue: Summer 2013

    Allan Skok is a driving force at Sanctuary Day Spas. Under his direction, Sanctuary Day Spas has become one of the most recognized and trusted brands in the industry, offering a broad range of progressive spa treatments as well as several non-invasive medical treatments provided under the care of aplastic surgeon.

  • Darlene McCarthy & Lee-Anne Fleming

    Issue: Spring 2013

    Darlene McCarthy and Lee-Anne Fleming regularly finish each other's sentences. The Newfoundlanders have known each other since high school and worked together in the industry for more than 30 years. They teach aesthetics at the local community college and started Ossetra Wondrous Earth in 2005...

  • Ben Kaminsky

    Issue: Winter 2013

    Ben Kaminsky is a pharmaceutical chemist who has been developing medicines for physicians globally for almost 40 years, first through Montreal-based Odan Laboratories, which he founded in 1974, and now through B. Kamins, launched in 1997...

  • Jane Iredale

    Issue: Fall 2012

    Iredale's passion for health and wellness inspired her to develop the product using natural ingredients that would improve the health of the skin. When an order was packaged for a customer, she would cut a sprig of lavender from her garden to enclose in each box—a tradition that...

  • Inna Levitan

    Issue: Summer 2012

    As CEO and managing partner at Trump International Hotel & Tower Toronto's Quartz Crystal Spa, Inna Levitan was instrumental in creating the overall interior design direction. Rising 31 floors above the city, the spa juxtaposes classic Hollywood glamour...

  • Boldijarre Koronczay

    Issue: Spring 2012

    Hailing from Budapest, Hungary, Boldijarre Koronczay is a dedicated trainer, lecturer, herbalist, master of European aesthetics and massage, and founder of Éminence. A survivor of childhood leukemia, he says his organic lifestyle was the key...

  • Spa Expert Sherina Jamal

    Sherina Jamal

    Issue: Winter 2012

    Sherina Jamal is the Founder of Ancient Secrets Inc. and developer of the Beauty Through Balance spa line. After creating two do-it-yourself recipe handbooks for skincare, Jamal introduced her first ready-made skincare line in 1997. In 1998, she was the...

  • Spa Expert Austin Sakchai

    Dr. Diane Wong

    Issue: Fall 2011

    Dr. Diane Wong, MD, has been a cosmetic physician for the past 10 years. She is the founder and owner of Glow Medi Spa in Yorkville, Ontario, and is devoted full-time to non-surgical cosmetic enhancements. Dr. Wong is an invited speaker and trainer of...

  • Spa Expert Austin Sakchai

    Austin Sakchai

    Issue: Summer 2011

    Austin Sakchai is the founder/owner of Smile Thai Wellness, a unique wellness centre in Vancouver, British Columbia, with a wide menu of services including traditional Thai massage, Thai herbal spa treatments, acupuncture, and classes and workshops, including...

  • Spa Expert Nicole Verzyden

    Nicole Verzyden

    Issue: Spring 2011

    For the past five years, Nicole Verzyden has worked with her team of professional therapists to make The Spa at Deerhurst a beacon of Canada’s spa industry. The spa completed a full renovation and redesign in December 2007, accompanied by a new menu of high-end services.

  • Spa Expert Donna Holtom

    Donna Holtom

    Issue: Winter 2010/2011

    Donna Holtom is the woman behind Holtz Spa, a popular full service Ottawa spa that caters to technology titans and political powerbrokers with capital stress. Since she opened Holtz in 1985, the spa has almost doubled in size to 10,000 sq. ft. after a major renovation.