Shir-Gold Product Line
SHIRA| Issue: 2018

Description: Shira’s new Shir-Gold product line includes Rose Gold Satin Serum, Luminous Pearl Moisturizer, and Império Firming Serum. The Rose Gold Satin Serum’s unique formulation helps skin maintain optimal hydration levels and restores the flexibility of the epidermis with a combination of olive oil, coconut oil, algae extract, and gardenia tahitensis flower extract, as well as gold, silver and copper. The Luminious Pearl Moisturizer aids in regeneration and anti-aging action, and restores lost elasticity of tissues with hyaluronic acid, caviar extract, and vitamins A, B and D. Finally, Shri Imperio Firming Serum improves the firmness of skin and reduces the appearance of wrinkles with the help of Andean tree and marine seaweed extract.


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