Natural Facelift Toner and Serum

Description: Combining Province Apothecary’s Rejuvenating + Hydrating Face serum and Invigorating + Balancing Toner, a two minute facelift ritual using acupressure points and massage techniques help encourage blood flow and cell regeneration to strengthen and support the body’s natural function. The serum is high in the antioxidants Neroli and Frankincense which reduce the appearance of fine lines and improve skin tone. Jojoba balances skin’s sebum production, controlling shine and congestion while German Chamomile and Rose soothe blemishes, redness, and reduce the appearance of scars. Other key ingredients include pumpkin oil, pomegranate seed oil, and raspberry seed oil. The toner uses natural minerals to purify and tone the skin. Fragrant Organic Rose Water is naturally soothing and cooling to the skin, while Geranium essential oil calms and naturally reduces the appearance of scars. 


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