• All-natural, All Canadian

    Issue: Spring 2019

    10 homegrown beauty and skincare companies that put nature first.
    Check it out for yourself.

  • Implanting Happiness

    Issue: Spring 2019 Author: Vivienne O’Keeffe

    As one who lives in a wet climate near a forest, I’m lucky enough to enjoy the stimulating effect regularly. It may be intuitive that connecting to nature makes us happier, but science confirms it. Conservation society Nature Canada says scientists have demonstrated changes in brain activity and reduced rumination (negative thoughts associated with depression) after a walk in nature.

  • The Power of Plants

    Issue: Spring 2019 Author: Jana Manolakos

    In the concrete jungle, spotting even the tiniest weed pushing its way through a sidewalk crack has been shown to reduce stress and positively affect mood – a reminder of how deeply connected we are with the natural world. Of course, the ancients already knew this.

  • What’s up with Medi-Spas?

    Issue: Winter 2018 Author: Vivienne O’Keeffe

    What’s trending and new today in the medi-spa business? As a professional spa consultant, I get asked this question a lot. The answer is: lots! U.S. spa revenue hit a record US$17.5 billion in 2017, up 4.3 percent according to International Spa Association (ISPA).

  • Eyes on the Spa

    Issue: Fall 2018 Author: Hermione Wilson

    The eyes are the windows to the soul, so they say. But what if those windows are looking a bit tired and bedraggled? Signs of aging and fatigue seem to show up around the eyes before they appear anywhere else, so it’s no wonder clients are flocking to the spa for treatments that target this critical area.

  • Helpful Hemp

    Issue: Summer 2018 Author: Morgan McKay

    Hemp and cannabinoids (CBD) have created a buzz within the beauty industry recently. Hemp has a wide range of skin care benefits, including nourishing the body, making skin appear youthful, treating acne, reducing inflammation, and soothing irritated skin

  • Botanicals at the spa

    Issue: Summer 2018 Author: Linda Hall

    Everything is there for us in nature, healing herbs, rebalancing minerals, warming spices, and vibrant flowers. When I create spa treatment rituals, spa menus or natural products, I look to nature and incorporate natural botanicals in conjunction with professional spa brands to create a totally holistic spa environment.

  • Why we love Tea Tree Oil

    Issue: Spring 2018 Author: Hermione Wilson

    Tea tree oil has been used in the traditional medicine of the Aborigines of Australia for hundreds of years. Leaves from the tea tree (Melaleuca alternifolia, not the tree that produces black, green and oolong tea) were crushed to extract its oil and used to treat coughs and colds, or applied directly to the skin for wound healing.

  • 12 Emerging Wellness Spa Travel Trends for 2018

    Issue: Winter 2017 Author: Paul Joseph

    From mindful movement holidays, to happiness retreats and architectural wellness, these new trends are poised to influence the wellness travel world in 2018.

  • Peptides in Skin Care

    Issue: Winter 2017 Author: Hermione Wilson

    There are an increasing number of spa products claiming to contain peptides, but what are they and what benefits do they have for your clients? We asked Natalie Pergar, Senior Product Education Specialist at Éminence Organic Skin Care, to break it down:

  • Skin Care Superfoods

    Issue: Fall 2017 Author: Hermione Wilson

    If the skin is our largest organ, it stands to reason that when something is amiss in the body, it shows on the skin. It also means that certain foods can have an effect on the skin, whether negative or positive. We are what we eat, essentially.

  • What Men Want

    Issue: Fall 2017 Author: Hermione Wilson

    Mark Smith visits about 30 spas each year across the UK, Europe, Africa, Asia, and Australia, and has been reviewing spas since 2007. He is a writer and media consultant in the beauty and spa industry, and founded the website TheSpaMan.co.uk where he writes about products, spas and treatments.

  • Cupping - Alternative medicine for the spa

    Issue: Fall 2017 Author: Shannon Mariani

    While recent media attention has brought popularity to the treatment, the act of cupping is an ancient form of alternative medicine dating back to the ancient Egyptians. Cupping occurs when a tool or cup is placed on the skin and forms a suction. This creates a vacuum and lifts the skin into the interior of the cup.

  • Medi Spa Trends

    Issue: Summer 2017 Author: Hermione Wilson

    For those who crave esthetic improvement, there are several options: a change in diet, regular gym membership, or the more drastic option of plastic surgery. But for those who are hesitant to go under the knife, non-invasive medical spa treatments may be the next best choice.

  • Shaping Up

    Issue: Summer 2017 Author: Hermione Wilson

    Gone are the days when liposuction and plastic surgery were the only options for consumers looking to get rid of unwanted fat. These days, a client can pop into the spa for a quick non-invasive body sculpting treatment on their lunch hour and go right back to work, with no downtime required.

  • Sweet Treat

    Issue: Spring 2017 Author: Hermione Wilson

    For spa clients who follow the principle of not putting anything on their bodies they wouldn’t also put in their mouths, honey-based skincare solutions seem like an obvious choice. Honey is delicious, packed with antioxidants, and has many benefits for the skin as well.

  • Rose Confidential

    Issue: Winter 2016/2017 Author: Monique Joustra

    Rosewater is undoubtedly beauty’s magic potion, and it is remarkably versatile. Whether a spa client has oily, dry or combination skin, rosewater can easily be added to their beauty regimen. The natural properties of rosewater work to slow the production of oil and eliminate excess from the skin while helping to maintain its natural pH balance.

  • Aromatherapy: The Power of Scent

    Issue: Fall 2016 Author: Hermione Wilson

    Scent is an important part of the spa experience because different scents have the power to affect us either negatively or positively. “The olfactory senses are very powerful,” says Zena Hallam, founder of Tazeka Aromatherapy.

  • 4 Fall Spa Beauty Trends

    Issue: Summer 2016 Author: Lauren Kurtz

    Many seasonal trends that trickle down from fashion’s runways to the beauty counter are simply impractical for the everyday woman. Here are four goof-proof beauty trends to fall back on and how to wear them in order to embrace the playful drama of the season.

  • DIY Beauty Routine for Spa Clients

    Issue: Summer 2016 Author: Stacey Camacho

    When spa clients come in for a beauty treatment, they may look to you as the spa therapist for a sustainable beauty routine that they can take with them when they leave. Makeup artist Stacey Camacho gives us some helpful tips about where to start.

  • Winter Nail Care

    Issue: Winter 2015 Author: Hermione Wilson

    Anyone who has suffered through a cold Canadian winter will tell you that the dry winter weather can wreak havoc the skin. That means the skin around the nails and cuticles can become dry and inflamed as well.  Make sure the nail technicians at your spa have moisturizers on hand.

  • Thalassotherapy For Healing & Wellbeing

    Issue: Summer 2015 Author: Sherina Jamal & Co-Author Rod Mulholland

    Thalassotherapy involves the use of ocean elements including whole raw seaweeds, ocean water, ocean clay and ocean minerals on the body, allowing absorption of important vitamins and minerals in a chelated form, for the purpose of achieving mind, body balancing and healing.

  • Acne Fighters

    Issue: Fall 2014 Author: Lindsay Grummett

    According to the Canadian Dermatology association, acne affects about 90 per cent of adolescents and 20 to 30 per cent of adults aged 20 to 40 years. Even with a large number of the population being impacted, there are still plenty of misconceptions.

  • Stock Up for Warmer Weather

    Issue: Spring 2014 Author: Lindsay Grummett

    Summer is the season for shorts and sandals and after a long winter, women across Canada are ready to pack up their parkas and pull out the poolside gear. Pedicures, body treatments, and various hair removal options are some of the most popular spa treatments in the summer...

  • Understanding Stress, Self-Care, and Relaxation

    Issue: Winter 2013/2014 Author: Barbara Kapran

    Stress is a reaction to change that requires a physical, mental, or emotional response, and can be positive or negative. The human brain is constantly assessing threat in our lives for the purpose of survival, and that assessment of change determines our response. Expectations, history, knowledge, and environment all play a role here...

  • Health and Fitness at the Spa

    Issue: Winter 2013/2014 Author: Sareema Husain

    Wellness has been placed in the spotlight, for good reason. It’s the cornerstone for a healthy lifestyle and offers an endless list of benefits, but it’s also good for spa business. A 2010 survey showed that 91 per cent of industry respondents who incorporated wellness aspects...

  • From Simple Nail Designs to Masterpieces

    Issue: Fall 2013 Author: Chelsea Kowalski

    The current nail art and gel polish trends are putting the finger on the pulse of the increasing popularity of manicures. More and more Canadians are sporting artistic designs and purchasing seasonal collections for decorative nails...

  • Scientific Skincare

    Issue: Fall 2013 Author: Lindsay Grummett

    Science has been good to skincare and recently there have been innovations that are changing the landscape of the beauty business...

  • How Well Are You Aging?

    Issue: Fall 2013 Author: Dr. Randy Knipping, MD

    Imagine if you could change the underlying rate at which you age, so that you could enjoy not just a longer life, but a healthier one. Imagine if you could delay the onset of age-related chronic diseases and reduce the likelihood of living out your days in a nursing home...

  • The Evolution of Technology

    Issue: Summer 2013 Author: Dr. Lisa Kellett

    The evolution of technology has resulted in the availability of treatments that are quick, effective and require little to no downtime. Historically, the first cosmetic laser treatments were highly effective but inaccessible to most people and required months to fully recover. With these advances.....

  • The Man List

    Issue: Summer 2013 Author: Lindsay Grummett

    Good news! The recent explosion of made-for-men options means men don’t have to use their wives’ products any more. Male skincare is the fastest growing sector in the global beauty industry and is expected to keep growing through 2016*. Making room for some male-focused products in your retail....

  • Brows and Lashes

    Issue: Summer 2013 Author: Lindsay Grummett

    The eyes are said to be the window to the soul, making the eyebrows their frame. And whether you’ve noticed it or not, the shape of these frames has evolved. Gone are the days of the super-tweezed brow. Today’s trend reflects a fuller, more natural look reminiscent of the 1980s Brooke Shields brow....

  • The Golden Years

    Issue: Spring 2013 Author: Lindsay Grummett

    Your clients in their 60s and beyond are living life to the fullest and looking beautiful while doing it. Hollywood celebrities like Helen Mirren and Diane Keaton show us that with the right care, mature skin can have that beautiful glow and your 60-plus clients are finding fresh new ways to keep their skin looking as young as they feel...

  • Rejuvenation with oxygen

    Issue: Winter 2013 Author: Nicolas Heffernan

    Oxygen-based products have seen celebrities flocking to endorse the latest fad but these treatments might have some staying power. Oxygen has proven to be a powerful treatment in the effort to stave off the visual effects of aging...

  • Medi-Spa 101

    Issue: Winter 2013 Author: Dr. Peter W. Bray

    People are more-than-ever seeking aesthetic treatments that are fast, effective, comfortable, and with minimal downtime. It should therefore be no surprise that injectable "fillers", such as Restylane and Juvederm, among others, have become increasingly popular in recent years...

  • The confident 50s

    Issue: Winter 2013 Author: Heather Ednie

    Empowered by the wealth of experience and knowledge gained along the way, the over-50 crowd have the self-confidence and smarts to focus on what is truly important to them. Meanwhile, with so much going on, it's worthwhile to take the extra time for personal care, live a healthy lifestyle, and invest in longevity through wise, healthy choices...

  • Versatility at your service

    Issue: Fall 2012 Author: R. Stephen Mulholland, MD

    The medical spa space requires a combination of technology and personal service. Many technology innovations over the past decade have enabled long term, fast, efficient, and safe improvement for removal of hair, skin blemishes, wrinkles, laxity, fat, and...

  • The fabulous 40s

    Issue: Fall 2012 Author: Julia Teeluck

    Preparing dinner, getting the kids to school, landing a promotion all while making time for personal care. "The aging process and factors such as environmental damage, stress and...

  • The 30s

    Issue: Summer 2012 Author: Julia Teeluck

    They say the 30s are the new 20s. And indeed, the 30s crowd remains young at heart and on top of the latest trends (Shellac, anyone?). But a word to the wise: they may be looking for more targeted treatments for face and body...

  • Chemical Peels

    Issue: Summer 2012 Author: Stacey Johnson

    Many people are confounded by the difference between a facial and a chemical peel. Most people recognize that facials are designed to provide deep cleansing and relaxation. However, chemical peels often conjure an episode of Sex and the City where Samantha's peel has nightmarish results...

  • The Roaring 20s

    Issue: Spring 2012

    From fun and flashy to sweet and sophisticated, young women in their twenties can channel a multitude of moods. Understanding this age group will allow you to recommend the best services and products. Twenties women are open to new trends and willing to experiment. Some may be trying to ward off early signs of aging...

  • A checklist for safe laser use

    Issue: Spring 2012 Author: Teresa Moloney

    LASER stands for: Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation. Laser hair removal treatments utilize the principle of selective photothermolysis: matching of a specific wavelength (of laser light), power, and pulse duration to obtain optimal effect on a targeted tissue...

  • Achieving supple, radiant skin

    Achieving supple, radiant skin

    Issue: Winter 2012 Author: Julia Teeluck

    While cleanse-exfoliate-moisturize is the basic skincare mantra, healthy, glowing skin requires more than a bar of soap and a dab of moisturizer. Regular treatments and supplements combined with a daily regimen of professionally recommended products will...

  • Medical aesthetics defined

    Medical aesthetics defined

    Issue: Winter 2012 Author: Stacey Johnson

    By now you have probably heard the term “medical aesthetics.” Though most of us are familiar with this term, many aestheticians are unaware of what a medical aesthetician does. A medical aesthetician specializes in advanced skin treatments. They typically...

  • A Simple Solution

    A Simple Solution

    Issue: Fall 2011 Author: Jason Hagerman

    More and more men are flocking to the spa. The word is out—men require just as much maintenance as women if they want to keep a healthy, youthful look as the years creep by. So what is making men today more likely to step into the spa or buy a handful of...

  • Heading into the holidays

    Heading into the holidays

    Issue: Fall 2011 Author: Julia Teeluck

    The holiday season is approaching and soon the stress of balancing gift-buying, parties and family get-togethers will overwhelm even the most dedicated spa-goer. Services, packages and products that relieve tension and rejuvenate winter skin will get...

  • The incredible edible body scrub by Jason Hagerman

    The incredible edible body scrub

    Issue: Summer 2011 Author: Jason Hagerman

    Consumers are seeking natural ingredients, and products without preservatives or chemicals. They want to know what they are spreading onto and absorbing into their bodies. Spas carrying organic products today—products with identifiable, natural ingredients—are responding to consumer demand and...

  • A Cautious Friendship by Jason Hagerman

    A Cautious Friendship

    Issue: Spring 2011 Author: Jason Hagerman

    The sun makes all life possible. Without it the planet would be a frozen, uninhabitable sphere blasting through space at more than 60,000 miles per hour. According to the US National Aeronautics and Space Administration’s Earth Observatory, the sun’s energy generates clouds, cleanses our water, produces plants, keeps the climate stable, and...

  • Coping With Winter Dryness by Jason Hagerman

    Coping With Winter Dryness

    Issue: Winter 2010/2011 Author: Jason Hagerman

    For many people, the fall is foreshadowing. The temperature drops, leaves dry out and float to the ground, flaking apart as they fall and crumble to nothing. As the winter cold that was hinted of in the fall closes in, human skin can go the way of the leaves. It dries out, cracks and causes discomfort for....

  • Strategies to combat the cold by Isabelle Villeneuve

    Strategies to combat the cold

    Issue: Winter 2010/2011 Author: Isabelle Villeneuve

    The thermometer plummets, the wind blows and our skin becomes red In winter, the production of sebum slows down, the hydrolipidic film on the surface is altered and becomes less effective as a barrier, leaving the upper layers of the epidermis—the Stratum corneum—without...

  • Optimum Nail Health by Jason Hagerman

    Optimum Nail Health

    Issue:Winter 2010/2011 Author: Jason Hagerman

    We all know winter weather can be hard on the skin, drawing out critical moisture. Many people don’t consider the fact that these dry conditions are also hard on other parts of the body, namely the finger and toe nails. According to the International Pedicure Association’s advisory board, winter....