Botanicals at the spa

Everything is there for us in nature, healing herbs, rebalancing minerals, warming spices, and vibrant flowers. When I create spa treatment rituals, spa menus or natural products, I look to nature and incorporate natural botanicals in conjunction with professional spa brands to create a totally holistic spa environment. Ideally, I like to use indigenous herbs, plants, and spices, fusing all the natural goodness and beauty of the location to restore peace, health and harmony to the guests.

When possible, I like to incorporate natural botanicals and marry them in with the chosen professional brands, creating a beautiful therapeutic synergy. If I am creating spa rituals in the Caribbean, I would look at introducing natural botanicals from the very beginning of the spa experience, such as healing herbs, plants and spices. The powerfully therapeutic ginger plant is indigenous to the West Indies. It’s a beautiful adaptogen, both invigorating and soothing, perfect for treating jet lag. Combining fever grass (lemongrass) cerassie, local mints and healing salts and adding in some hibiscus petals creates the perfect natural botanical spa welcome. I use powerful botanicals like sarsaparilla, pimento, ginger, clove, aloe, leaf of life and hemp and incorporate them into bathing rituals, infusions and soaks, wraps and scrubs to soothe, detoxify, hydrate, heal and uplift the mood.

Author: Hermione comes to the Spa Inc. team with a background in lifestyle and entertainment journalism. After graduating from Humber College’s journalism program, where she wrote for the school’s newspaper and various magazines, Hermione interned at TV Guide Canada, writing television reviews, and at Canadian Living, where she sampled goodies from the Test Kitchen.

by Hermione Wilson | Summer 2018