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Certified Organic

Guiding clients along a path to wellness is Solstice Spa’s mission statement. Located at the Elkhorn Resort near the rural town of Onanole, Manitoba, the spa celebrates their natural setting in their décor, the treatments they offer and the certified organic products they use.

“About three years ago we readjusted a lot of our product lines, and made sure we stepped away from anything clinical and chemical based,” says Stephanie Picard, operations manager for the resort.

In order for cosmetic products to be certified as organic in Canada, companies must undergo a rigorous examination of their “ingredients as well as production process, facilities and even packaging,” and prove that their products are virtually free of synthetic ingredients, according to a Certech Registration press release.

Organic products with their invigorating natural smells have been a big hit with Solstice Spa guests, says Picard. More importantly though, these are products that clients feel comfortable putting on their bodies. “People are aware of what they’re eating, what they’re putting in their bodies, and what’s going on their bodies,” she says. “Artificial is out.”

Find out more about Solstice Spa’s commitment to client wellness in Spa Inc.’s spring issue.

Travel Advice for Snowbirds

Aside from the obligatory trip to the spa for a wax and mani-pedi, an important part of preparing for a winter escape to sunnier climes is buying travel insurance. According to the Travel Health Insurance Association of Canada (THiA), 55 per cent of Canadians don’t buy travel insurance when travelling overseas, which could end up costing them a lot if things go wrong.

THiA recommends Canadians follow this checklist before travelling:

  • Know your health and consult a health care provider if you have any questions
  • Know your trip - How long will you be gone? Are you a snowbird? Will you be travelling many times during the year? Do you plan to scuba dive or undertake any high risk activities?
  • Understand your travel insurance policy – Insurance companies have staff available to assist you and answer any questions related to policies

(From Thiaonline.com)

"Travel health insurance should be more important than a bathing suit on vacation," says THiA president Alex Bittner.

Winter Skin Care

Chilling winter temperatures are the norm here in Canada and with that comes dry skin. Protecting your hands from harsh chemicals and over washing ensures that your skin won’t suffer from winter dryness, says Dr. Julia Carroll of Compass Dermatology. “When you’re washing your hands, don’t use water that’s too hot or too cold,” she says, recommending that you also avoid waterless hand sanitizers and using chemicals such as Windex without protecting your hands. Wear gloves when doing wet work, Carroll says. “And not just any gloves, cotton-lined gloves,” she says.

And of course, your skin will need lots of moisture. Moisturizers that contain ceramides, something that your skin naturally produces, are best, says Carroll. “People that have eczema or have dry skin tend to lose ceramides, so adding the ceramides back in helps to make the skin barrier a better barrier,” she says.

To learn more about winter hand and nail care, read Winter Nail Care.

Spa Industry Association of Canada Introduces New Board Chair and Initiatives

Fall 2014 saw Alain Leclerc, of Cosmecor appointed as the new leader of Canada’s only national spa industry association. Having served as Vice Chair and Chair of the Membership Committee Alain is bringing his expertise to drive membership numbers upward, improve the quantity and quality of the benefits and programs on offer to spa professionals, and raise the profile of this association as the “Go-To” entity for all things spa. A new website design will launch later this month, with simple navigation designed to function across multiple devices. Each featured spa will have its own mini “site-within-a-site” where they can show off what makes them special. The SPA TALK, B2C section on the website will engage and educate, featuring terminology, trends and blog content updated regularly.

SPA TALK, B2B events kicked off just as Alain took the helm with events in Toronto and Montreal. These events brought stakeholders together, to network and share their concerns about where we are as an industry, where we are going, and how will we achieve continued growth and success. Participants included spa management, educators and key players from spa associations. In Toronto, the hot topics were staff recruitment, training in soft skills and regulation of the industry. Montreal participants agreed that consumers are becoming more and more educated, thanks largely to the internet, so they were most eager to discuss and learn about electronic marketing.

Wishing all spa industry professionals the best of the season and a year filled with happiness, good health and much success!

Keep abreast about activities, programs and incentives by visiting our website, leadingspasofcanada.com. You can also call 1 800 704 6383 or email info@leadingspasofcanada.com

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