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Now Open

Now Open

Spa Inc. has officially opened the nominations for the 2023 Canadian Spa & Wellness Awards.

Winners Unveiled

Winners Unveiled

Spa Inc. has officially announced the winners of the  2023 Canadian Spa & Wellness Awards.


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Sexual health & well-being

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Is this an opportunity for the spa industry? By Chris RyallSpas are increasingly focusing on physical well-being and mental health.…

Building tech-enabled spa experiences


Driven by a facilitated digitization of the world around us, the spa industry is currently evolving with advanced technologies in…

Entering the data-driven future


Mountains of information, its careful curation, and the creation of datasets could lead to revolutionary results for spa operators By…

Lori Steglinski: Creating curated customer experiences


By Sean Tarry Creating a Zen-like spa environment that offers tranquility and relaxation, enabling guests the opportunity to escape into…

The feng shui of spa tranquility


Leveraging aspects of the ancient practice to elevate your business By Sean TarryWhen it comes to helping guests escape from…

Maintaining a strong core

Spa Business

Focusing on the customers and offerings that are central to the business to enable future growth and success By Sean…

Keeping it real


Ensuring the use of organic, sustainable, and environmentally-friendly products within the spa can help broaden customer appeal By Sean TarryToday’s…

The magic touch

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Ste. Anne’s mandatory therapeutic treatment helps clients find Zen default By Brooke Smith In June 1981, Jim Corcoran’s parents purchased…

Groupe Nordik’sThermëa Spa Village Whitby

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Raising the bar despite challenges By Chris RyallPatience. It was a necessary trait required by the Québec-based Groupe Nordik management…

Soothing the body, mind, & soul

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100 Fountain Spa in Niagara-on-the-Lake offers its visitors an opportunity to escape into a resort-like environment amid the beauty of…

Taking wellness to A New Dimension

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A journey outside the comfort zone at a psychedelic-assisted therapy retreat.

Maintaining a legacy of care at Le Monastère des Augustines

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Leveraging its rich monastic history and tradition, this Québec spa offers visitors a stay like no other.

2023 Aspire Spa & Wellness Soirée

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Celebrating excellence and innovation within the Canadian spa industry
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