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Now Open

Spa Inc. has officially opened the nominations for the 2023 Canadian Spa & Wellness Awards.


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Maintaining a legacy of care at Le Monastère des Augustines

Featured Spas
Leveraging its rich monastic history and tradition, this Québec spa offers visitors a stay like no other.

2023 Aspire Spa & Wellness Soirée

Featured Spas
Celebrating excellence and innovation within the Canadian spa industry

Marion Le Gall upholding the art of beauty

Director of the Guerlain Spa in Toronto talks about the challenges and opportunities inherent in providing an exceptional spa experience

Spa Eastman’s Tonic Cuisine®: gastronomy and well-being

Spa Eastman has been, since 1977, demonstrating the vital role that food plays in contributing to good health and well-being.

Maintaining an environment of wellness

Spa Business
Achieving the age-old art of peace and serenity within today’s spa

Leveraging the digital world

Taking advantage of technology to improve the business and enhance the guest experience.

Taking the waters to health and wellness

Featured Spas
Centuries-old water therapies are central to Body Blitz Spa’s unique services and offering

To your health!

Featured Spas
Exploring the latest in spa treatments and services specific to the betterment of women’s health and wellness

Spa industry shifting to a more health benefit – and science -based approach to women’s wellness

Featured Spas
There hasn’t been a seismic shift in how most spas operate today, but there has been a positive change to offer more treatments and activities addressing women’s mental and body health.

Attracting and Keeping the Best Talent

Spa Business
In today’s talent pool, attracting the best candidate is not easy.

Greening Your Spa

It’s possible to protect the environment while simultaneously reducing operating costs, increasing efficiencies, and reducing health and safety risks to your employees and your clients.
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