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Message From the Editor: We’re here for you

With the rapid rise of a global pandemic, daily life has transformed overnight, and for the spa industry, the coronavirus (COVID-19) poses a unique threat. We understand that for many businesses, even a short-term closure is a difficult situation, but in this case, when doors are reopened, spas need to be able to guarantee a virus-free environment for their clients. You might be reconsidering chair placements, room capacities and other elements of your business that seemed perfectly acceptable in the past.

ISPA provides a variety of useful resources, including webinars, a communications template and other helpful tools to help your business in this difficult time; they can be found here.

Infection control should already be a topic your staff has reviewed in the past. This is a time to revisit your standards and processes, from how often doorknobs are wiped down to what types of cleaning products are used. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has a useful list of disinfectants that are effective against coronavirus; you can find it here.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has published a cleaning guideline for infected households, which can also be useful for developing business hygiene standards; it’s available here.

For information from the Government of Canada, including updated coronavirus statistics and printable resources, visit

Stay tuned, because we’ll also be sharing some of the virtual conferences and other upcoming opportunities for learning and business development; this “pause” is an ideal time to catch up on some of your self-care and wellness goals, too. We’ll be here for you, as we navigate uncharted territory together. It might not be “business as usual,” but you can expect to see the next issue of Spa Inc. in the near future. Along with our usual features, we’ll be sharing tips from industry insiders, including Leading Spas of Canada, about how to make the best of these challenging circumstances.  

Stay healthy!

Popi Bowman

Managing Editor, Spa Inc.

Twitter & IG: @PopiBowman

Popi Bowman
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