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Did you say CC cream?

Over the past two years, the beauty and skincare world was rocked by the arrival of BB creams or beauty balms. BB Creams are addictive, all-in-one creams from Asia which quickly stole the tinted creams spotlight. But now, BB Creams are being dethroned by CC Creams. Exit beauty balms. This improved version offers more benefits than their older sisters.


Like BB Creams, CC Creams come from Korea. The initials “CC” stand for Colour Control, Complete Correction, or similar varieties depending on the brand.

CC Creams go further than BB Creams. In fact, CC Creams do everything better than BB Creams and as a bonus, they repair damage and brighten the complexion. While BB Creams manage to conceal the defects of the skin, CC Creams repair them. Their most dramatic effect is the resulting radiant complexion.

Here are the most notable CC Cream promises:

  • Clarification of the complexion with lightening properties for the face and a diminishing of dark circles around the eyes. The complexion is brighter as well
  • Restorative action (anti-aging, anti-fatigue for example) as opposed to BB Creams that only hide blemishes
  • Prolonged hydration with a composition which contains hyaluronic acid or other hydrating agents
  • A more natural coverage than with BB Creams. The plaster effect of BB Creams is avoided
  • A lighter texture to work more effectively. No heavy sensation on the skin
  • A matte finish, since they are guaranteed oil-free
  • One colour that suits all skin tones
  • Sunscreen protection that’s more effective than in the BB Creams, to prevent skin aging CC Cream is a more profound treatment than a BB Cream, with an instant camouflaging effect coupled with a restorative/corrective action in the short or medium term.


The contour of the eye is an extremely fragile and vulnerable area and is easily marred more rapidly than the rest of the face. Wrinkles, dark circles, puffiness, creased eyelids and dullness appear. For an immediate camouflaging effect and targeted action on most of these concerns, a good CC Cream is needed. An immediate rejuvenating effect is guaranteed.

With a light and non-greasy texture, CC Cream formulas contain light-reflecting pigments and an evening agent for shine and smoothing. For hydration, hyaluronic acid is a top choice since it is already present in the skin, but decreases with age. Plant extracts are effective for drainage and boosting microcirculation. And the cream of the crop? A lifting agent to raise the upper eyelid in addition to the benefits just listed. Finally, CC Creams’ coolness upon application is not only pleasant but also stimulating and done with a ceramic applicator shaped for state-of-the-art application with no rubbing or pulling. One last tip for a beautiful complexion: CC Cream should be applied every morning, alone or beneath makeup.

Isabelle Villeneuve

Isabelle Villeneuve is R&D Director – Head of the Valeant International Center of Excellence in Skincare. Passionate about cosmetology, she has more than 25 years of experience. Villeneuve is recognized as an international expert in skin care.

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