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No “I” in team

Guest Editorial

I’m sure it will come as a surprise to no one that I don’t put this magazine together by myself. Getting Spa Inc. magazine written, edited, designed and printed is a result of multiple departments at the office coming together in one herculean effort. Without each of the members of our team here doing their part, there wouldn’t be a magazine at all.

The same is true of the spa. The spa owner or manager can’t do everything themselves; they rely on a well-trained, efficient staff of spa therapists and receptionists to keep the business running smoothly.

“It’s important to be surrounded by a strong team who sees your vision,” said Sonia Imerti, owner of Pretty in Pink Spa when I spoke to her about her spa business’s recent renovation. She remarked that she was blessed with an amazing spa team who helped her realize her dream of transforming her spa into a place that could welcome a completely different clientele than when it had first opened. You can read more about that story on page 18.

Surrounding yourself with a strong team of qualified staff is essential to any successful spa business, whether you are going through a difficult and disruptive spa renovation or aligning your spa with Leading Spas of Canada’s rigorous Standards and Practices (see page 16). “You’ll find that staff properly trained in the most recent, efficient and innovative techniques are more productive and become extremely valuable to the team,” says Raison d’Etre’s Nikos Kouremenos (page 22). We couldn’t agree more.

Hermione Wilson

Hermione has a background in lifestyle and entertainment journalism. After graduating from Humber College’s journalism program, where she wrote for the school’s newspaper and various magazines, Hermione interned at TV Guide Canada, writing television reviews, and at Canadian Living, where she sampled goodies from the Test Kitchen.

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