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Glow Up

By: Andrea Green 

Growing up a tom-boy, I was never the girl who always had my hair done and makeup on. I was usually walking around with my hair in a ponytail or bun and a clean face. Overtime and as trends changed, I became more interested in makeup and skincare in general. The biggest struggle I’ve experienced is trying to look as fresh at the end of the day as I did when I began it.  A typical weekday can take a toll on your skin – from the weather outside, to your workplace, to what you eat and more. This is what led me to  search for multi-purpose products that I could use throughout the day.

Picture this…

My morning starts with the alarm going off several times. That’s when I start to calculate the very last minute that I can get up – and inevitably always getting up later, to rush into the day. That daily struggle leads me to look for products that are simple and absorb quickly so I can apply my makeup promptly after.

One morning, while procrastinating in bed once again, I was scrolling Instagram and came across Glo Skin Beauty products. I’m always drawn to a company that has clean sleek products, creates cruelty-free products and offers a skin quiz. After taking the quiz, I was recommended many products for my combination skin, but was most interested in the Hydration Mist and Conditioning Hydration Cream.

When the Hydration Mist popped up online, I knew it was meant to be. Not only did this product work great after applying makeup, it was great to put on before makeup and throughout the day. This multi-tasking mist was a burst of hydration when I started to feel dry in the office. It is definitely a product I would recommend to have in your purse for those “I need hydration” moments.

The biggest test for any product is putting it on my forehead. I can rarely find a product where my skin doesn’t  have a negative reaction; either it dries me out, makes me itchy, or all the above. I’ve got really dry, sensitive skin and the Canadian winter doesn’t help, so  I’m always on the search for the perfect facial cream. The Conditioning Hydration Cream was the perfect moisturizer to start my day. Every morning I’d put this cream on my face and it passed the forehead test with flying colours. Not only did my forehead not react, but it absorbed the product beautifully while smelling like a fruit explosion.

Both of these products have made it to my bathroom shelf and have become staples in my daily skincare routine.

To learn more or to get yours today, visit:

Andrea Green

Hi, I’m Andrea and I have dry, sensitive skin.

Now that that’s off my chest, let me guide you through my skin journey. I live in a small farming town where, growing up as a tomboy, I spent more time outside than indoors. I was never worried about what I was putting on my skin. My mom is a nurse and her skincare routine consisted of water, a cloth and putting some Olay on at night. Of course, following in her footsteps, I had a very simple skincare routine: washing my face with water and a cloth, and that was it. Fast forward to the past few years, and I’ve discovered a hidden passion for the health and wellness industry, especially skincare. I’ve always had very sensitive, dry skin, which made me reluctant to try new products. I’ve spent years searching for the right products that would help my skin flourish, and Spa Inc. has definitely led me to the light at the end of the tunnel. Today, I love to try out new products, and I follow a simple but effective routine each and almost every day.

My morning routine is still to simply wash my face with a cloth and water, but my night routine includes a small amount of cleansing cream followed by one of my favourite serums. The final key is putting a natural balm on my lips to make sure they don’t dry up overnight.

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