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Lush luxury in Los Cabos

I have fallen in love, and it’s a beautiful romance. The object of my affection is the Los Cabos region in Mexico – an incredibly opulent, luxurious setting rich in opportunities to be pampered and enjoy the finer things in life. I recently attended a press trip to Los Cabos, to tour some of the area’s spectacular spas. Seven other journalists, including those that cover travel and golf, were along for the ride.

I toured five spas including the One&Only Palmilla, Querencia, Auriga at Capella Pedregal, SOMMA Wine Spa at Fiesta Americana Grand, and Cactus Spa at Sheraton Hacienda del Mar. What can I say about the top spas in Los Cabos whose clients include some of business and Hollywood’s biggest stars? (John Travolta’s name came up a lot.) The spas speak for themselves but I’ll try to sum up my experience.

At One&Only, it’s all about service and the numbers don’t lie. Nine hundred employees service 173 rooms at this exclusive resort. The spa doors open onto a fountain and garden. Guests walk outside through the lush garden to private treatment villas where another door opens onto a garden with an outdoor shower, Jacuzzi tub, canopied daybed and the treatment villa. Sitting in the private garden with tea after my facial, I was lost in the sounds of the water, the birds and the breeze in the palms. It was definitely Heaven on Earth and I didn’t want to move.

Auriga at Capella Pedregal was memorable for a couple of reasons. First, the resort is built on cliffs, set into stone overlooking the Sea of Cortez. Second, there are quite a few unique aspects of the spa experience. Guests entering the spa must choose a scent for their treatment. I gravitated to the oolong immediately. Spa decor and treatments have been designed around the moon, capturing the rhythms and healing power of nature, and each spa experience begins with a foot bath utilizing rosemary, thyme, and other herbs grown on-site. I felt odd having my feet washed and I am ticklish, but it was a thoughtful touch. Treatment rooms open onto a pool and waterfall with the ocean beyond, and I found the sound of water ever-present and calming.

At SOMMA Wine Spa, Mexican wines are a centrepiece. I enjoyed a Candle Massage, where a melting soy candle is mixed with oil from grapes to create an exclusive massage. My therapist was lovely and I think it was one of the best massages I’ve ever had. If that wasn’t enough, the spa director planned a wine testing with the hotel sommelier so after our treatments, our small group was able to taste and enjoy three wines from the region. You can meet Francisco Lugo here.

All of the spas offered something special: incredible views, treatments, service and overall experiences. I know I will always remember my time spent there. Most importantly, I know I want to go back. I think this speaks to the key to finding success in your own spa. It’s simple and you’ve probably heard it before, but when I was thinking about my trip, this is what stood out: finding what makes you unique or what you can do better than anyone else, is the key to success. This is what makes an experience unforgettable and what will keep people coming back for more.

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