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When the name of the company says it all… Nailed It

Nailed It Beauty Imports by Silvana Inc. is a new Canadian distributor for Berenice Nail Care Products. Berenice is a Swiss developed polish which allows nails to breathe, regenerate and grow.

Our Test Divas had the opportunity to try a variety of their products, and have nothing but good reviews. We tried the Black Diamond Hard, Time Reverse, Cuticle Peeling and the 81 Velvet polish.

Black Diamond Hard
Andrea Green

After going in and out of the shellac phase, my nails were in bad shape. Using products that didn’t allow them to breathe, gave them a thin and tired looking appearance. This is where the Black Diamond Hard nail strengthening treatment came to the rescue. It is the first nail product I’ve tried that allows my nails to breathe and not block oxygen and nutrients from penetrating the plate. It contains a heavy hitter: black diamond powder. This powder reinforced my nails and helped them grow stronger and healthier.

As an added bonus, the product dries in seconds. I’m sure we can all relate to being impatient while doing our own nails.

Black Diamond Hard is the product I wear on my nails right now. Healthy nails are hard to recover, but this product was my saviour.

81 Velvet Nail Polish
Andrea Green

It was love at first sight. As soon as I saw the nail polish, I knew that this was the perfect colour for spring and summer; and if it was anything like the Black Diamond Hard, I was going to love it. Personally, I don’t wear nail polish too often anymore because I prefer a more natural look. The 81 Velvet Nail Polish was the perfect medium for my nails; a pleasing neutral colour polish that dried fast, and allowed my nails to breathe. What else could a girl ask for?

Stephanie Wilson

You had me at Time Reverse! I am at that particular age where anything that will stop time in its tracks has my attention.  A quick glance at my nails and you could see the effects of a long Canadian winter.  My nails were very dull and dry. I agreed to try Time Reverse based on the promise that it would help my nails look healthier, younger and shiny in just 24 hours.  Time Reverse lived up to that promise, after just one coat my nails looked brighter.

This product dries quickly with instant results and after repeated use my nails were stronger and inconsistencies were repaired.  With the look of a natural manicure, this is the only product I now use.  As an added bonus it contains a UV filler … bring on summer!

Cuticle Peeling
Jana Manolakos

You can tell a lot about a company by its packaging. So it came as no surprise when I received Berenice’s elegantly branded box containing Cuticle Peeling – the product did not disappoint. Like an artist preparing a canvas before painting, nails too need to be carefully treated for a perfect manicure. This highly effective water-based cuticle remover quickly and effectively softened my cuticles and made it easy to remove ragged edges, leaving a silky smooth surface. It didn’t need to stay on long, only 15 seconds before I gently pushed the edges with an orange stick. And voila! Lovely nails ready for polish.

To learn more or to get yours today, visit:

By: Andrea Green, Stephanie Wilson & Jana Manolakos

Andrea Green

Hi, I’m Andrea and I have dry, sensitive skin.

Now that that’s off my chest, let me guide you through my skin journey. I live in a small farming town where, growing up as a tomboy, I spent more time outside than indoors. I was never worried about what I was putting on my skin. My mom is a nurse and her skincare routine consisted of water, a cloth and putting some Olay on at night. Of course, following in her footsteps, I had a very simple skincare routine: washing my face with water and a cloth, and that was it. Fast forward to the past few years, and I’ve discovered a hidden passion for the health and wellness industry, especially skincare. I’ve always had very sensitive, dry skin, which made me reluctant to try new products. I’ve spent years searching for the right products that would help my skin flourish, and Spa Inc. has definitely led me to the light at the end of the tunnel. Today, I love to try out new products, and I follow a simple but effective routine each and almost every day.

My morning routine is still to simply wash my face with a cloth and water, but my night routine includes a small amount of cleansing cream followed by one of my favourite serums. The final key is putting a natural balm on my lips to make sure they don’t dry up overnight.

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