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Spa Visits: Getting guys through the doors

A couple weekends ago my boyfriend, Mason, and I packed up our bags (and our kitty) and headed north to my parent’s cottage. It’s a relaxing place that my brother and I have loved going to since we were kids.

That Friday, while we were sitting around having some beers, my mom looked down at my brother’s feet and said, “Someone needs to do something about those things. I’m making you an appointment for a pedicure.”

“Ummm, okay,” he said unsurely and with a subtle hint of resistance.

“You’re going too,” she said to Mason.

And it was settled. She booked the appointments and the next day my brother, the tradesman, and my boyfriend, the construction worker, headed to the spa. And you know what? They LOVED it! But then again, why wouldn’t they? Not only are pedicures really relaxing, they also prevent ingrown toe nails, take care of calluses and improve overall foot health.

So why does it seem so hard to convince guys that a spa day should be a priority? For some, the spa just isn’t on their mind, and for others it’s the idea that facials, manis and body treatments are experiences that should be reserved for women. My brother and boyfriend fall into both categories, but they’re living proof that these types of guys can still have an enjoyable experience at the spa. So how can you get more guys into your spa location? Take a look at my three tips:

1)     Talk to your female clients

Every one of your female clients has a man in her life: a brother, a best friend, a husband, a son.  And if your clients are anything like my mom, they wear the metaphorical pants. It’s your job to give them a reason to book him an appointment. Explain the physical benefits of a pedicure and tell them about any upcoming deals or packages your spa may have that are exclusive to men.

2)     Deals and Packages

Speaking of deals and packages, you can’t tell your guests about men’s only deals if you don’t have any. Start with some basic offerings that will get guys through your door like reduced rates for first timers and couples packages. At Avalon SalonSpa in Fredericton, New Brunswick they have a package called “Man Oh Man” that includes a hot stone massage and a foot detailing. I love the term foot detailing it has such manly undertones.

3)      Men’s Only Area  

Men don’t want to be surrounded by flowers and Cosmo magazine. They want deer antlers on the wall and the faint smell of cigars in the air. Okay, maybe you don’t have to go that far, but if you have the room to create a separate space for men then use it! eforea: spa at Hilton in Markham, Ontario has a room called the “Man Cave” where guys can go to get their treatments. Spa operations manager, Kim Assar, says that the space has been really popular because guys feel relaxed and at ease here.

My guys didn’t have a separate space, but they had each other and sometimes that’s enough.

photo (2)

My brother, Michael (left), and my boyfriend, Mason (right).
I’m probably going to die for posting this picture. 

If you have any strategies you’d like to share, comment below!

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