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SST’s CC Cream

If you don’t live under a rock, you’ll know that CC Creams are the next big product in the beauty world.  In our fall issue, Isabelle Villeneuve, the scientific director and head of innovation at Laboratoire Dr Renaud, wrote about all the benefits of CC Creams, and we’ve been dying to try them out ever since.

Luckily, the beauty gods were smiling down on us and just like magic we received some samples of SST Signature Series’ CC Cream. The product is described as having a “mousse-like texture that glides over the skin like silk and has a powder finish.” It also includes some interesting ingredients like tomato and cabbage extracts. Nope, we’re not making a salad, the tomato is said to be a natural skin lightening agent and cabbage is high in beta carotene and Vitamin C which will slow down the signs of aging.

The product comes in three self-adjusting shades (Fair, Medium & Dark) and each was tried by a different Test Diva. Lindsay (that’s me!) tried Fair, Sarah used the Medium and Jodee, our new recruit to the spa blog (say hi, everyone), tested Dark. Here’s our unbiased opinion of the product:



Initially, I was underwhelmed by the product packaging, but I’m glad I didn’t get too judgey (yes, I just made that word up) before trying it out because I love this product! For the application, I used a makeup sponge and found that a little bit of goes a long way. The light texture makes it feel like I’m not wearing makeup and my skin tone looks more even than it did with my previous foundation.  SST’s CC Cream is going into my beauty bag to replace what I’m currently using. It might not have been love at first sight, but I can now say I’m smitten.


I have a confession to make … I am just now learning about and getting on the BB/CC Cream bandwagon.  There, I said it!

After getting all the facts about CC’s from Isabelle’s article, I was excited to try SST’s version. When applying the product, I made sure to pay special attention to the texture and was very impressed. Just like they said, it had a mousse-like feel and offered excellent coverage!

Since I’m a working mother of two kids (3 and 5 ½ years old) it is very important for me to find good skin care products that are easy to apply, but also make me look & feel polished in only a few minutes each morning. This CC Cream hits the mark and gets an A+ from me!


I was so excited to test out this product as I am a big fan of CC Creams. I have been using one religiously for the past few months and I love the ease of these all-in-one miracle creams. When I first applied SST’s CC Cream, I must admit I was not a fan of the smell. It’s not very pleasant, but it only took a very small amount to apply and the texture was smooth.

As I said I really love CC Creams and they have become a staple in my make up routine, but I found that this cream didn’t really match my skin tone. As the cream set it did adjust somewhat, but I found that it gave my face a greyish tint, which I combated with a light dusting of bronzer. All-in-all I would say it is a good product, but just didn’t work for my tone.

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