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These 3 products upped my self-care game

To me, skincare is self-care. Like most moms, my life is hectic and most of my time is either centered on my work or my little one. Yet at bedtime and in the morning, I enjoy moments of me-time. I take this mini indulgence seriously. There’s something about the layering of products that feels luxurious to me. Two of my favourite skincare rituals are cleansing (prepping for the day, and later washing off the day) and applying gels or serums (the scent, the texture, the moisture… it’s all so satisfying).

I’ve recently changed up my routine with three products by Skinprovement Organics. This company is run by a couple that believes in organic, sustainable living and real ingredients. I feel that true self-care shouldn’t come at the expense of others. With that in mind, I was pleased to learn that Skinprovement’s products are USDA Certified Organic, made in Canada, and cruelty-free. I began happily experimenting.

Hydra-Cleanse Facial Wash

Hitting my early forties has posed some new cleansing challenges for my combination skin. If I use a cleanser that’s too harsh, my skin feels tight and angry. If I choose one that doesn’t wash my skin well enough, I’ll get clogged pores. I know a cleanser didn’t do its job if my forehead gets pimply the next day. Hydra-Cleanse Facial Wash is gentle but still manages to give me the deep clean that I need. It also smells wonderful and foams up nicely. I’m really fussy about cleansers, and I would definitely use this one again.

Bonus: Hydra-Cleanse Facial Wash contains camu camu, which provides vitamin C and fights acne. It also has amla (Indian gooseberry), which has antioxidant benefits. I’ve applied this product using a gentle washcloth as well as with my fingertips. It works great both ways.

Simply Hyaluronic Replenishing Gel

I admit it, I’ve got a new favourite skincare ingredient: HA, or hyaluronic acid. This super gentle moisturizer is naturally produced by our skin. Hyaluronic acid molecules are moisture magnets. They can absorb up to one thousand times their weight in water. Imagine all that moisture hanging out with your skin cells. They can just take a drink whenever they need one! Unfortunately, the amount of HA we produce drops as we age. The result is a dull, uneven complexion and fine lines. But no worries – you can add hyaluronic acid back to your skin. It’ll feel softer, plumper, and more radiant. I noticed all three benefits on my skin after using Simply Hyaluronic Replenishing Gel, and I have proof!

Where’s this proof? Let me explain. I usually pump my serums and moisturizers onto the back of my left hand before applying them to my face using my right fingertips. Years ago, I learned this process helps save product, and it is now ingrained in me. So, the back of my left hand benefits from whatever treatment I’m using on my face. Anyway, a few weeks after trying Simply Hyaluronic, I noticed that the skin on my left hand looked smoother than the skin on my right. MUCH smoother. It felt like satin to the touch, while my right hand had a rougher texture. This difference was noticeable all day, even after washing and sanitizing my hands. I’m still pretty blown away and keep asking my colleagues to feel the difference between my two hands. Of course, I’m now going to start treating the back of my right hand to some Simply Hyaluronic.

What else is in Simply Hyaluronic? It contains aloe vera and glycerin, which further boosts your moisture retention, but also provides a lovely gel texture. Many sources of hyaluronic acid come from rooster combs. I’m a vegetarian, so I reached out to Skinprovement Organics to find out where theirs is sourced. I was assured that their HA is plant-based.

Some tips: Reach for Simply Hyaluronic as soon as you get out of the shower to seal in all that moisture. Apply a few drops to your face and neck, and give extra attention to your eye area and lips. Massage it in and then follow up with your moisturizer.

Apple Stem Cell Serum

Apple stem cells are known to boost collagen and elastin for a youthful glow, so I jumped at the chance to try this serum. I applied it that evening and was immediately drawn to its pleasant apple scent. At first, I thought the lighter texture of this product might not be enough for my dry cheeks, but it is fabulous. After applying it, my skin feels noticeably smoother and has a radiant glow. I love that the dropper lets me dispense exactly the right amount of product that I need.

You know how I was just raving about hyaluronic acid? Well, it’s in this product too, as well as aloe, glycerine, and antioxidants like amla. It’s best to apply this product to damp skin and follow up with your moisturizer.

So there we go! In all, getting to know these three products by Skinprovement was a total pleasure. If you pick them up, remember to not just slap them on. Take the time to enjoy the scents, textures, and the experience of treating yourself.

You can find these products here:

Amanda Lewis

From skincare collector to minimalist to Test Diva. My relationship with my skin is always evolving and I love where I am right now.

In my twenties, I worked as a Sales Ambassador for department store beauty brands. I tried oodles of products, was trained on all sorts of opinions about skincare, and ended up developing a beauty philosophy that I believed in. By the time I hit my thirties, my bathroom cabinet was nearly bare. I only used the products I trusted and didn’t change things up much. I’m becoming a Test Diva as I take my first steps into my forties, and I must say, I’m loving the process of experimenting with my new skin.

As a working mom, taking the time to cleanse, exfoliate, moisturize, and protect are among the few indulgences I don’t skip. I may run errands in men’s sweat pants, but my skin underneath is always pampered.

My favourite little pleasures include tinted sunscreen, the satisfying feeling of freshly-applied serum on my cheeks, smooth toes and elbows, and dryer-hot towels after the bath.

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