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BleuSpa – paradise awaits

BleuSpa opens the doors to a complete wellness oasis

Guests at BleuSpa experience a healthy indulgence, across the menu of options available onsite. Nestled in the hills of Cantley, Quebec, BleuSpa celebrated its official opening October 26 and is quickly building a reputation as a smart place to go for relaxation, wellness, and to get centred.

BleuSpa offers a host of options to create the ultimate wellness experience. From the outdoor Nordic baths to massage therapy and body treatments, yoga, Ayurveda, and a variety of outdoor activities—as well as the exquisite Bistro Bleu menu—much is available to create a unique experience to suit every client.

The BleuSpa signature massage starts with a whirlpool bath followed by a relaxation massage with aromatherapy and is highly recommended by Larry Greene, one of BleuSpa’s eight co-owners and vice president, marketing and development, who adds that a host of other massage and treatment options, including both Reiki and ayurvedic massage, are also tempting.

The spa’s philosophy of staying close to Mother Nature is echoed across all facets of the establishment. From locally sourced products such as mud from Casselman, Ontario, to the geothermic heating/cooling, recuperation of rainwater, and use of environmentally friendly construction materials, BleuSpa is green. “We use only natural products throughout the spa and try to buy locally,” says Greene. “The outdoor yoga platform is nestled in the forest and fits well with our vision. The feeling is very Zen, very proactive, warm, and friendly. There are lots of hugs on-site.”

Bistro Bleu: Healthy Made Sublime

French-trained chef Juan Carlos has made true art of eating local. “We try to use as much local, seasonal food as we can, and work with farmers,” Carlos explains. “This means having to get creative with the menu; the available produce dictates the recipe.”

From salads to desserts, with daily soups and savoury dishes, Carlos is a master of not only flavour and nutrition, but presentation. A house favourite is duck confit with caramelized red onion, comtomme cheese and fig marmalade, which combines heady, smoky flavours with sweet fig.

In essence, the Bistro Bleu menu is pure delight—fine dining that is healthy and locally grown. “We offer simple food properly,” Carlos says.

Scandinavian Delight

The Nordic baths combine a variety of options and experiences to tantalize and encourage total relaxation. Two fire pits encircled with Adirondack chairs create outdoor lounge areas, overlooking the hot pool, shockingly cold shower, and the Infinity pool which stretches before visitors exiting the changing rooms, reminiscent of the grand pools of Versailles. A Turkish steam bath can accommodate up to 35 people, or clients can opt for the dry sauna. For a break and a cup of tea or glass of wine, the lounge overlooks the pools, with relaxing music playing and a fireplace to soothe.

Yoga And Fitness

A beautiful, stony yoga room has fast become a popular feature. The telltale sign of rolled up mats under visitors’ elbows is proof that the classes have quickly attracted a following.

“The renewal of energy, the practice of yoga, the love of healthy food, and the management of personal stress have all become key priorities in this time of my life,” Greene explains. “It is with utter joy and ecstatic pleasure that I put my efforts into BleuSpa and welcome everyone to visit and experience the world of wellness we have to offer.”

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