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Dove Spa

Tailored Treatments

Dove Spa’s philosophy of wanting to make women feel more beautiful every day by inspiring them to take great care of themselves has proved successful. Built off the Dove brand, the award-winning spa has four locations in the Greater Toronto Area, each dedicated to ensuring all spa guests have a luxurious and relaxing experience.

“We really do get that ‘wow’ factor when people come in. Our clients always say, ‘we didn’t know Dove had spas!'” says Jennifer Langlois, managing director of Dove Spa Canada.

Unbeknownst to many, Dove Spa has created its own spa line exclusively available in the spa. The strong connection with the Dove brand enables Dove Spa to build on its solid reputation. A number of natural ingredients such as vitamin E and argan oil are used in the products and, as Langlois explains, the products are primarily based on skin types such as dry or oily. Dove Spa also offers several lines of products from bath and body to a thermal mineral collection. Passionate about individual skin care, Dove Spa tailors its products to the individual to help solve skin care and beauty needs.

When a guest comes to Dove Spa, the therapist uses Computer Aided Cosmetology Instrument (CACI) technology. This innovative, painless technology is used prior to facial treatments and informs clients on their skin type by measuring oil and water content, pigmentation and elasticity. Armed with this important information, treatment is not only more efficient, but results are far greater. Dove Spa offers this 15-minute treatment free in order to help determine a treatment plan and products that suit an individual’s skin type.

Dove Spa offers numerous treatments from manicures and pedicures to luxurious body treatments. However, the most popular treatment is its signature facials. Using the CACI technology to examine skin type, the facials are unique to individuals and can solve many skin care needs. Other popular features on the menu include hot stone, Swedish, and deep tissue massages. One example of the pampering options is the ‘Hot Stuff’ relaxing body treatment that uses a warm sugar body scrub along with a rich body cream to leave skin warm and smooth.

Catering to women of all ages and the growing male market, Dove Spa’s interior, designed by Ramsin Khachi, creates a welcoming atmosphere. Inspired by the traditional Dove bar of soap, the spa’s interior provides a professional, clean, and polished look. The crisp white paint and the curviness of the reception area enhance the welcoming atmosphere. The spa décor has pops of colour, which brighten the space, and generate a positive environment. Furthermore, all locations have a welcoming lounge with white leather chairs. Langlois says that Dove Spa is “a welcoming place that is about the individual and their experience.”

Dove Spa’s marketing is geared to staying fresh and within the next six to 10 months, all the spas will be re-imaged internally and externally with a new logo. Over the next five years, Dove Spa will be focusing on its franchise platform and concentrating its efforts in the Greater Toronto Area. Most importantly, the company is evolving with digital and social media and continually updating sites such as Facebook. “We are also looking into developing a YouTube channel,” says Langlois, where they hope to provide tips and advice to educate the public on ways to take care of their skin and their bodies.

Opened: 2008
Number of Locations: 4
Size: 2,400 to 3,200 square-feet
Number of treatment rooms: 6 to 7 per spa
Total number of staff: 40
Retail: Dove Spa, OPI, Shellac, Mama Mia, Medique, Footlogix, St. Tropez and Spa Ritual

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