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The Spa At Nita Lake Lodge

Inspired by Nature

Located in Whistler, BC, Nita Lake Lodge is surrounded by scenic mountains and pine trees overlooking a grand lake. The Spa at Nita Lake Lodge has been named among Condé Nast Traveler’s Top 20 Spas in the World, and one of Organic Spa Magazine’s Top 10 Organic Spas. The spa is a wellness destination where guests can connect with themselves and with loved ones. 

Aside from the spa, guests can enjoy complimentary kayaking, canoeing, paddleboarding, and biking. In the hotel, a yoga and fitness studio is available, along with locally sourced food in the cafe, lounge, and restaurant. The spa is mindful of this active environment and delicately designs an atmosphere to help guests unwind after an energetic day or to escape the chaotic routine of everyday life.

Naturalistic Amenities

Guests are encouraged to arrive hours before their treatment and begin their healing experience from the moment they enter the relaxation lounge. Inspired by nature, Nita Lake Lodge includes the four elements of water, air, fire, and earth as a central theme in its spa. An ocean painting consisting of distinct blue tones is hung above a vast signature wooden piece in the lounge, which allows guests feel the serenity of nature. Guests often change into plush robes and sandals to read a book in the lounge chairs which are placed next to windows that look out onto a mountainous view. Surrounded by local artwork, the lounge is decorated with wooden furniture covered with soft plush throws and faux fur pillows that give the room an elegant and comfortable feel. Guests are also invited to use the rooftop hot tubs and eucalyptus steam rooms before or after their treatment. The rooftop hot tub is open year-round and is popular with the guests. “People love it when it’s sunny and also when it’s snowing; it’s just beautiful,” says Spa Manager, Hannah Edwards. In the summer, guests can enjoy the lush landscape while the sun shines on their skin. In the winter, they can take in the breathtaking views of the snow-capped mountains while being submerged in the hot tub.  

After relaxing in the hot tub, guests are invited back to the spa for their treatment. The team at Nita Lake Lodge is devoted to facilitating each guest’s healing experience. The goal is for guests to leave the spa with professional advice for self-care, skin care and a treatment plan that will impact their life. Each treatment table is warmed and covered with cozy duvets and all treatments use holistic and all natural product lines. Guests also have the opportunity to customize their experience by selecting the style of music they would like to listen to.  

Canada 150 Treatments  

  With Canada’s 150th anniversary approaching, Nita Lake has dedicated treatments to celebrate the occasion. The spa offers four treatments in the collection, the first being the Maple Sugar Body Scrub. It uses maple and brown sugar, which are raw and organic, as well as maple extract, honey, avocado, and grapeseed oil to help with circulation and skin hydration. 

  Another treatment in the Canada 150 collection is the Alpine Arnica Massage. “It focuses on circulation and relaxation and it uses alpine arnica oil which is a really deep penetrative oil to soothe and restore muscles,” Edwards says. Considering the active environment at the lodge, the Pacific Pine Deep Tissue Massage focuses on deep pressure and stretching to ease sore muscles. “It uses the deep forest body oil which has a lovely smell,” Edwards says. The Mountain Mint Revitalizing Pedicure rounds out the Canada 150 collection. It combines a peppermint soap and massage balm to ease tension from the feet. “This one is really invigorating, uplifting, but also healing at the same time,” Edwards says.

Ila Signature Treatments

A signature treatment at The Spa at Nita Lake Lodge is the ila Kundalini massage, which uses U.K. organic product line ila. By combining aromatherapy and sound healing, this treatment activates the kundalini, which is the dormant energy at the base of the spine. “It realigns the body’s rhythm and provides a profoundly restorative effect on the nervous and lymphatic systems,” Edwards says. She describes how warmed poultices filled with Himalayan salt, Calendula flowers, and lavender are pressed on the chakras of the body while soothing music plays in the background. “When the salt is warmed, it emits beneficial negatives ions to counteract the constant influx of toxic positive ions we receive on a daily basis from all the electronic equipment in our lives,” Edwards says. The Kundalini massage is gentle and nurturing, which is ideal for guests who are looking for rejuvenation. 

  Every few years, the spa closes for a week to bring a trainer from ila to teach practitioners about ancient massage techniques used by various groups in Morocco, India, Brazil, and Pakistan for the spa’s signature treatments. “The trainers teach us to heal deep energy blocks caused by stress, or past traumas stored in our bodies,” Edwards says. All ingredients used in the ila treatments are chosen for their high levels of energy to provide a unique experience for guests. If guests are looking for a treatment to share with a loved one, the ila Couples Connect spa package involves a body scrub, the ila Kundalini massage, the ilaTM Ananda facial, and the Shirodhara treatment.

Individualization For Guests

  The spa aims to provide its guests with an individualized experience. People often travel to the lodge for celebrations such as engagements, weddings, or parties and the spa team focuses on making each moment special. Additionally, it is the spa’s fourth year of bringing its wellness services to its partners at Ironman Canada and Gran Fondo, two popular cycling events in Whistler. The RMTs offer massages to all athletes in the Ironman village before the race, on race day, and also invites them into the spa after the race. 

  In Spanish, Nita means “God’s gift of grace” which is a perfect representation of the spa’s graceful approach to help guests find the balance in life. 

Spa Facts

Size of the spa: 5,000 square-feet
The total number of treatment rooms: 6
The total number of staff: 28
Retail: ila, Naturopathica, Jane Iredale

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