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Boldijarre Koronczay

Hailing from Budapest, Hungary, Boldijarre Koronczay is a dedicated trainer, lecturer, herbalist, master of European aesthetics and massage, and founder of Éminence. A survivor of childhood leukemia, he says his organic lifestyle was the key to his recovery and has since dedicated his life to creating and delivering healthy options for skincare while giving back to charitable organizations. Educating clients on how to use natural ingredients in skincare to bring wellness and balance in their busy lives is Koronczay’s passion. When not travelling, he lives in Vancouver.

Where do you find inspiration for new products and ideas?
I’m an aesthetician and I’m also a massage therapist by trade. I travel 10 months out of the year. On the road I go and visit every one of our clients and I do training for them myself. The aestheticians tell me directly what they like or don’t like. At trade shows and events, I am in the booth. I’m really proud of that because, really, no one else does that.

Where does this dedication come from?
When I was a child I was diagnosed with leukemia. I was given a 0.1% chance to live. My parents used a lot of natural remedies to heal me instead of chemotherapy. I got used to the idea of trying to live your life to the fullest and trying to do the most you can every single day. I put the maximum effort into every single day.

What’s your favourite way to relax?
If I wasn’t an aesthetician, I would be a pilot. Hang gliding is one of my hobbies that I absolutely love. I also used to be a ballroom dancer. I did that for eight years professionally back in Hungary, so from time to time I love to go dancing.

Do you have one piece of advice for someone who is trying to run a successful spa?
I always say to treat customers not the way you want to be treated, but better. That creates loyalty.

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