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Brianne Theisen-Eaton

They are our modern day gladiators, shining examples of what the human body can achieve. Canadian heptathlete Brianne Theisen-Eaton is definitely no stranger to pushing her body to the limits. The Saskatchewan native’s sport of choice is the heptathlon, seven track and field events that include races, javelin throw and high jump. At 25, Brianne has already set a record as the second-highest scoring Canadian heptathlete in history, represented Canada at the 2012 Olympic Games, and competed in numerous world track and field championships. She’s also one half of a track and field power couple. Brianne recently married her long-time boyfriend and training partner Ashton Eaton, an American decathlete and Olympian. The couple is busy training in Oregon for upcoming events in the summer, including the Pan Am 2015 games here in Toronto.

How do you incorporate relaxation into your wellness program?

Lots of sleep and listening to my body – The number one thing we do is we make sure we get lots of sleep. My husband [Ashton], he can probably train pretty hard off of 7 hours of sleep every night. I need 8 to 9 hours every night. Also, just taking the time off when your body is telling you ‘I’m tired.’ Recovery is training too.Best spa experience?

Constance Ephelia Resort, Seychelles, for our honeymoon – We got full body massages and lay around and had their delicious berry tea.

What’s your favourite treatment?

Swedish massage – I’m used to getting a massage, but sports massage. It’s like, lay on the vinyl table with your sports bra and your shorts while someone digs their elbow into your back. I’m usually the kind of person that says ‘Go really deep!’ but when I go to the spa I say ‘just medium pressure, just nice’ so I can just feel good the whole time and not be cringing.

What beauty issues do you deal with?

Acne – I know dermatologists say diet doesn’t really have anything to do with your skin, but I don’t believe that. I notice that the more dairy I eat, the more acne I get. The same with unrefined carbohydrates. If I eat gluten-free it usually helps a little bit.

How do you treat yourself?

Gel pedicure – Once every four weeks or six weeks I go and get my toenails painted. Feet don’t gross me out, but I don’t like when my toenails aren’t done nice. I get the gel polish because I can’t go every two weeks to get them redone, and the gel stays on longer.

Hermione Wilson

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