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Kailee Kline

Kailee Kline is the founder and president of Healthwinds, a health and wellness spa in midtown Toronto. Kline got her big break when she started working for the King Ranch Health Spa and Fitness Resort, located in King City, ON. Her time at King Ranch, travels to Europe, and firsthand experience with Europe’s unique spa quality and treatments inspired her to bring the philosophies of combining health, spa, and fitness home to Ontario. Since then, she has become the founding president of Premier Spas of Ontario which has grown from 12 founding members to 39 spas over four years.

How would you define wellness?

Wellness is what people do to stay healthy. Whatever components in your life help you do that – massage therapy, taking walks frequently, learning how to mediate – I would say all of those are very important.

One of the biggest changes I’ve seen in the wellness industry…

Is the expectation of spa-goers which have helped professionalize this industry. It’s definitely become much more a part of people’s lives.

My first experience at a spa was …

The first spa that I went to was in Europe and my experience was how differently they approached things than we do; how very matter of fact they are about managing their health, getting naked to do so, and the copious amount of food they were eating while they were going to these different services!

My favourite thing about my job…

Is the versatility of the job. I like constantly learning, helping people get better and feel better about themselves and the choices they’re making in their lives. I like seeing people come out of pain – all those kinds of things that I would call little miracles.

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