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Fall ’19

Lash Lift Starter Kit by Elleebana

For spas thinking of adding a lash lift service, the Elleebana Lash Lift Starter Kit is supported by online training. As one of the hottest trends in the eyelash industry, Elleebana lash lifts provide a longer lasting option for those seeking natural-looking lashes. The kit includes 15 single-use sachets, lifting rods, adhesive, application brush and a stainless steel lash lifter.  

MLW Amphibia by Gharieni

The ultimate treatment table, Amphibia brings wellness with water into the treatment room. The luxurious, electric heated treatment table can be transformed easily into an innovative water treatment bed. Controlled heat, unique colour therapy LED lighting and music applied through gentle acoustic waves combine to create a tranquil experience for busy minds.

Ultra Plus VPL by Energist

The most powerful pulsed light system available, Ultra Plus is a multi-application workstation using world-renowned and patented Variable Pulsed Light (VPL) technology. This compact, versatile system offers power and flexibility for optimal clinical results with hair removal, skin rejuvenation, vascular applications, pigmented lesions and acne treatment.

X°CRYO by Cryotechnordic (CTN)

Removing manual labour from the equation, CTN’s revolutionary and patented technology provides the perfect cryotherapy facial within two minutes, efficiently and safely every time. The X°CRYO is the world’s first 100 percent electrically powered cryotherapy device, which was recently launched in April and has been delivered to over 17 countries.

Engage 75 Convertible Headset by Jabra

The traditional spa welcome desk is disappearing as receptionists are increasingly adopting a more mobile approach to customer service. Now, new wireless technologies like the Jabra Engage 75 Convertible Headset enable your staff to be more responsive while moving around at distances of up to 330 feet.

Guided Meditation VR by Oculus

Some U.S. spas are using virtual reality headsets to help their clients experience guided meditation in a virtual world. This program, which features over 20 hours of meditation and calming music in 100 lush environments, comes free with the purchase of an Oculus headset.

HydraBrasion PRO by Lumapharm

With diamond tips, HydraBrasion PRO uses a new technology – active dermoinfusion – to deliver nutrients via aqueous solutions and different density products like plasma, gels and emulsions. While cleaning and hydrating, it ensures optimal absorption into deep layers of the skin.

Pharaoh S II by Bodyfriend

One of the most luxurious full-body massage chairs on the market, the Pharaoh S II delivers massage in a space-saving design. A customizable range of roller heads to suit unique body contours combines with brain-soothing binaural beats and a range of other features including a high-quality Bluetooth speaker, genuine leather and zero-gravity rotation.

HaloFX Mobile by Halotherapy Solutions

The HaloFX Mobile offers the benefits of a salt cave in a mobile unit. With a directional arm that maximizes salt absorption for your clients, it easily fits into small spaces and doesn’t require extensive or expensive room build-outs or modifications. The HaloFX offers an additional revenue source that spas can use during a massage or facial treatment.

Opté Precision Skincare System by Proctor & Gamble

A handheld device that may make skincare and makeup brushes obsolete, the Opté scans and analyzes even the tiniest blemishes, to apply precise dots of makeup or skincare serum with pinpoint accuracy using a tiny built-in camera and blue LED scanning lights.

Light Pod by Prism

This industry-leading, full-body cold laser therapy machine emits red LED light that penetrates into the body cells, stimulating the natural healing process in muscles, tissues and nerves. Six specific healing settings focus on pain relief, sports recovery and other health issues. Photobiomodulation therapy is believed to accelerate cellular recovery four to 10 times faster than the body’s natural process. Effects can include reduced stiffness, fat cell shrinkage/weight loss and improved appearance of hair and skin.

Square Terminal by Square

This new point-of-sale device accepts tap, swipe or insert transactions with credit or debit cards and mobile payments through Apple Pay, Google Pay and Samsung Pay. With built-in WiFi, a 5.5-inch touchscreen display and a built-in thermal printer, the terminal can take payments even when internet service is temporarily unavailable, via “offline mode.” It can be plugged in or used cordless, with a battery that’s designed to last all day. There is no long-term contract; just pay for the device, plus a commission on each transaction (with no hidden fees). Use the free Square Point of Sale app to log payments, keep track of inventory and record sales analytics.

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