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Summer ’20

Products and equipment to soothe the senses, and some to keep you safe!

Coral UV
Sanitizer and Dryer

This compact, UV-C sanitizer provides an easy and chemical-free solution for sanitizing and drying almost anything in as little as 10 minutes. Coral UV uses a high-energy, artificial UV-C ray that breaks down the DNA of bacteria and germs and disrupts their ability to reproduce. It’s an effective way to disinfect cosmetic products like foundation sponges and brushes, lipstick, mascara, jade rollers and more.

Made by Zen
Glo Aroma Diffuser

Available through Spavision, this aroma diffuser achieves the perfect balance of aesthetics, simplicity and functionality by combining aromatherapy with the calming effects of authentic Himalayan pink salt. Beautifully designed for essential oils, it creates a soothing pink glow that promotes deep relaxation and boosts mood.

Cocoon Wellness Pro Pod

Dry infrared heat is administered within a body-encasing pod of thermal active energy in this luxurious, full body powered massage system. In addition to the infrared heat and vibration massage, the Cocoon Wellness Pro Pod offers the option of adding aromatherapy to the client experience.

Eucalyptus-Lemongrass Hand Sanitizer

Hand sanitizing becomes pure bliss with this soothing blend of high-grade, natural eucalyptus, tea tree and manuka oil with undertones of uplifting lemongrass and calming lavender floral water. Quick drying, non-sticky, cruelty-free and vegan, its superior alcohol content kills harmful bacteria and viruses. A portion of proceeds go to Covenant House Vancouver for homeless youth.

Pedal-operated Dispenser

The bold and modern design of Astreea’s pedal-operated hand sanitizer dispenser complements any surroundings. Developed and manufactured by an aerospace company in Europe, the seamless stainless steel, tubular hands-free dispenser uses any liquid or gel sanitizer product, arrives fully assembled, is maintenance-free and comes with a lifetime warranty.

Canadian Shield
Barely-there Faceguard

The Canadian Shield is a clear plastic piece of personal protective equipment that protects workers from exposure to virus droplets by providing coverage from ear to ear and hairline to neck. It’s designed to be recyclable or reusable, and it’s made of Canadian-sourced material that can be properly disinfected and sanitized.

Niagara Singing Bowls
Making Meditative Music

Soothing waves of sound emitted from singing bowls are said to activate and regulate brainwaves, leading to deep relaxation and allowing the body to heal. Niagara Singing Bowls offer a range of attractive crystal bowls in perfect pitch and in a range of colours and sizes.

Hydrotone Thermal 3

A multi-functional body treatment capsule, this unit combines a hydrotherapy tub, Vichy shower heads, wet table, steam, aromatherapy, colour light therapy and hand-held hydrojet for hydromassage, all at the touch of a button. Marine-grade plumbing enables the safe use of muds and seaweed with minimal clean-up through an automated self-sanitizing rinse cycle.

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