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Spring 22

Beautiful together, products that work in harmony.

White Balm

This 99% natural origin ingredients formula is composed of concentrated and cold-extracted vegetable oil and vitamin E. This pair of active ingredients acts all day long as an envelope to repair lips. The lip balm formula is vegan and cruelty-free, and does not contain beeswax. It doesn’t include petroleum derivatives or silicone, either.

Sculpting + Toning Facial Cupping Set

As part of a daily skincare routine, this traditional beauty tool helps improve radiance and naturally sculpts and tones the face. The facial cupping set, inspired by traditional Chinese medicine practices, is composed of high-quality silicone and revitalizes the look of skin by gently pulling the skin’s surface from deeper layers of fascia, promoting circulation and smoothing wrinkles. 

Day & Night Eye Duo

Working in tandem, this set includes a diamond dust-infused illuminating product that features a daytime highlighter eye cream for brightening dark circles under the eyes during the day, and the best-selling Restorative Eye Crème for wrinkle-smoothing hydration throughout the night.  

Premium Skincare Gift Set

For the perfect gift, Hommage has curated a selection of its most popular products, designed to last for at least 60 days. The beautifully presented box includes face cleanser and moisturizer, eye serum, and styptic match sticks. 

Healthy Glow Colour Gel

Healthy Glow Colour Gel can be mixed with other skincare creams for healthy, glowing skin. Simply combine a very small quantity with sun protection cream or another cream until you achieve a desired hue. The natural formula features the softening qualities of jojoba and sunflower oil and the antioxidant characteristics of rosemary extract. Silicone-, perfume-, and paraben-free, it’s perfect for all skin types. 

Triple Acid Peptide Peel

Hydropeptide’s gentle overnight leave-on peel visibly renews and rejuvenates the skin with a gentle blend of hydroxy acids and peptides that work to brighten, smooth, and protect. The product encourages cell turnover, improves signs of aging, and protects the skin from oxidative damage through a combination of triple-acid complex, algae extract, and skin-renewing peptides. 

Cascading Anti-oxidant Serum

This serum is a high-potency multi-C cocktail that drenches skin in an infusion of powerful antioxidants. Sodium ascorbyl phosphate and high ORAC-scoring kakadu plum, phloretin, astaxanthin, and ferulic acid offer advanced protection from photoaging and dermal instability caused by free radical aggression.

Skin Multi-perfecting Vegetal CC Cream

With its white fluid texture and universal tint, this CC cream contains micro-encapsulated mineral pigments that transform into complexion correctors adapted to every skin tone when applied. Infused with fresh citrus and green tea notes, the cream is 98.6% natural and includes hydra-plumping hyaluronic acid of low molecular weight and a number of nutrient-rich vitamins and oils. 

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