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Creative communication – 5 ways

The art of creatively conveying spa benefits to your client

The benefits of spa and wellness treatments can often be lost on spa goers. They may have come to relax and not engage in a lot of conversation. Their latest facial is the best one for them but the training protocol received by the aesthetician would be lost on them. Often, how a spa wants to get its message across isn’t how clients are receiving it. Really, it’s simple: spas want to enable their clients to get the best value out of their treatments and keep them coming back for more.

Here are some tips to help spas leverage the art of creatively conveying spa treatment benefits to clients.

1. Education Starts At Home

There are a number of different ways to lay this out but the most important is for the client to hear the information directly from their spa. Be clear on what treatment they will be receiving and list the key benefits briefly before you get started so that they know what to expect. Clarifying at the beginning if they are there to relax or are wanting to address specific skin concerns is best. This allows you to gauge how much you will speak with them during your treatment.

2. Keep It Simple

When in training for a specific treatment, aestheticians are given every detail and full protocol. This is not what spa goers need to hear. Words should be chosen carefully to ensure clear communication when delivering key points. When in training, it is important to ask the trainers how they would share key points so that the client will be best informed.

3. The Power Of Proper Follow Up

At the end of your treatment, when guiding the client back to the relaxation lounge, is the perfect time to ask if it would be alright to give them a call or email in a couple of days to check in on the results of their treatment. Often the client will give a positive response. When on the call, the clients are usually happy to share feedback and receptive to further information. When this step is implemented in spas we see an increase in rebooking as well.

4. Use Your Blog

You may not have blog real estate yourself, however, the spa you work for should. As an aesthetician, spa practitioner or RMT, this is a way to showcase your expertise and provide quality information. It doesn’t have to be a novel. You can say a lot in 300 words! This content can then also be used in your spa’s newsletter to go directly to the client database.

5. Leverage Your Social Space

The power of social media is not going to go away! Social integration in all aspects of your facility should provide value to your clients. It takes time and strategy to find the best space for your business but never discount the power of a good tip on Twitter or engaging Facebook post.

The key really is to communicate mindfully, in less technical terms, to deliver quality information that will keep your clients coming back for more!

Cadi Jordan

An internationally respected social media & marketing strategist. Her forte is in training, coaching, and online management in the spa, health, and wellness sectors.

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