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Seven innovative solutions for your spa business

Social media is part in parcel with your marketing. Like any business, your spa can benefit from implementing social media solutions tailored to your business. Here are seven tips that can help you maximize your online presence.


Social apps and websites, especially Pinterest, can be great ways to test ideas. Don’t be afraid to pin something and ask your followers–even those not on Pinterest –what they think of the idea. A spa is a personal experience. Social sites give you a great opportunity to casually ask your customers what they think of a new idea and help you to gauge what is working.


The core value of any social website campaign is the increased customer interaction. It is important to appreciate that Twitter and Facebook are not avenues to push out coupons, deals, and announcements. Social sites should be used to build relationships with your customers. Take the opportunity to listen to what they say.


Implement a social media calendar for your business married with your marketing plan. There can be pressure to post constantly. Your posts should always be purposeful. Every post should either be a clear response to a customer interaction, or it should be a clear appeal to your customers to do something. Getting strategic saves time and your customers appreciate it!


Sometimes you do need to tell your customers about new deals. Maybe you have a great new treatment or product. These campaigns are far better suited to your informative website or blog. When you tweet about them, make a single tweet that links to the webpage for the announcement. Don’t badger your social followers with sales pitches. Link to your announcements, then return to the conversation.


More than anything, when you use social apps and websites, it is important to be responsive. An unresponsive social presence is worse than no presence at all. Customers will be upset if you fail to respond. Be respectful. Be honest. But, do not allow a customer’s social interactions to go without some response. That will do more harm than having no presence on social sites at all.


Social marketing offers a chance to explore what your customers find interesting. Take a look through their likes, their retweets, and what they pin. All this information forms a zeitgeist of what your customers like. Study it. The rewards will follow quickly.


Every social marketing campaign needs to be calibrated to the nature of the relationship between your business and its customers. It is okay to humanize your brand to a certain degree but social solutions for a spa need to be a little more fine-tuned. It is important to be friendly, but to maintain a degree of decorum.

Cadi Jordan

An internationally respected social media & marketing strategist. Her forte is in training, coaching, and online management in the spa, health, and wellness sectors.

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