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Anna-Cari Gund – Wellness trends and education driving the spa industry

Anna-Cari Gund is the President of CIDESCO International (Comité International d’Esthétique et de Cosmétologie), a Switzerland-based organization considered a world standard for beauty and spa therapy education. We spoke to her about wellness in the spa industry and how spa therapists and managers can educate themselves to be successful.

What are some of the biggest wellness trends you see in spas today?
Workplace wellness is a big trend and a very important one since we spend so much of our lifetime working. The new on-demand options where mobile spa and wellness treatments are offered provide an unprecedented level of flexibility, immediacy, and convenience, and many established industry-leading companies are adding on-demand services to their offerings.

Connectivity to nature is a wellness trend that is free for us all to enjoy and more people see the benefit from what a peaceful and quiet moment by a lake or in a forest gives to the mind and body.
Sleep wellness is also a growing and important trend since no other system in the body can function properly if we don’t get enough sleep. Yoga, meditation and contemplation are excellent ways to deal with sleep deprivation.

What are the most important skills future spa therapists need to acquire?
The therapist needs to be well-trained, qualified and experienced. They need to be someone who can deliver excellent client service and an unforgettable treatment; if not, the guest experience will be mediocre. Nowadays, the customer is more and more demanding and they expect a certain standard. Qualified and educated therapists are vital. Education is extremely important in spa and beauty therapy, where new techniques, products and equipment mean that constant updating is essential for consistent and improving standards. The industry is rapidly changing and therapists must invest in themselves in order to keep up-to-date with the latest techniques and to continue the process of lifelong learning

How does CIDESCO prepare its students to be innovative in the spa industry?
Education is power and it is the only way we can continue to develop and find satisfaction in our work. In the beauty and spa industry it is even more important where the experience of a treatment is the most important thing, together with skills and expertise. This can be achieved by having a high-level holistic training, such as the International CIDESCO Diplomas in [Beauty Therapy, Spa Therapy, Beauty & Spa Management, Media Make-up, Post Graduate Aromatherapy, Post Graduate Electrical Epilation and Post Graduate Spa Therapy] and experience working with clients. This will give the therapist the perfect tools and ensure you deliver highest possible quality and standards. CIDESCO Section Canada has all the information for spa therapists interested in achieving the prestigious CIDESCO qualification at

What advice would you give people looking to get into the business as spa owners?
Invest in people! Look for leaders with operational experience that can lead a team to success by making everyone a part of the puzzle. Trust in them to become engaged in the day to day business and never forget that by allowing people to grow, the business will grow with them.

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