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Creating work-life balance

Spas are often part of the wellness equation

As a fast-moving society, we tend to work long hours to get ahead in the work place or to climb the corporate ladder. Taking on more responsibilities when a role is eliminated, when we are short-staffed or when an employee takes maternity leave are examples of how we continue to add to our workload. When companies realize they can make do with diversifying other employees’ roles when faced with these circumstances, they will. The spa industry is a small-margin industry and as such, every dollar helps in future successes and growth for both the owners and staff. The problem, however, is that by having team members multitask and increase their responsibility, they end up adding necessary extra hours to their week in order to succeed or, as they say, wear multiple hats.

With longer hours and a competitive society, we often lose track of how fast time is slipping away and of the need for a work-life balance. Before we know it, another season has passed. With this, friends and family often slip away.

Finding a work-life balance has been a focus and trend for years with more and more employers and employees realizing the benefits behind it. It is proven that when we find a personal balance through family, rest, wellness and life experiences, we become more productive at work. More owners and operators are realizing that time off is both earned and necessary for their team to be happy and to remain loyal for many years to come. Every so often we need to stop, regroup and refocus on taking time for ourselves and our loved ones.

After losing two close family members in the past two years and with ongoing growth in our industry, my work-life balance slipped away. In May I decided to spend valuable time with my sister all while resting in a wellness environment. Our ultimate goal was a destination yoga retreat where mind and body rest could be found. We did just that, by creating our own yoga retreat at a hotel in Maui. Enjoying their morning yoga on the beach each day, paired with spa and sister time was the perfect environment to achieve our goals.

However, you don’t have to go to Hawaii to create your own yoga retreat. At the spa, we are seeing an increase in the number of couple treatments requested by husbands and wives, or even girlfriends, wanting to reconnect, followed by time in the lounge, sauna and sometimes an overnight stay. It can be a life-changing staycation within the city and just enough time to recharge. Very often we are finding three generations – grandmothers, mothers and granddaughters – coming together to share a spa experience and relaxation lounge time while enjoying the benefits of a facial, massage or pedicures.

Even sales associates are finding balance within their work place by treating clients to side by side pedicures versus a corporate lunch. Many deals are being closed with both minds relaxed and refocused!

Pairing treatments with a yoga session is also trending with friends and family alike. Guests can fit in a healthy yoga class, time with family and friends all while creating their own mini wellness retreat with the ultimate goal of work-life balance. All it takes sometimes to share quality time with someone special and create lasting memories are two or three hours in an afternoon together. I believe that if you live well, which encompasses time with family and friends as well as a wellness component, you live long!


Allison Hegedus is the President of Vida Spas and currently oversees five spa locations in Canada’s Pacific Northwest. She started her career in the spa as an aesthetician, before her interest in training and management led her back to school to formally study sales, marketing and business management. She has since worked as an educator and sales executive for OMI Technologies, Somak International and Dermalogica Skincare, and served as Spa Director at Chateau Whistler, Park Hyatt Toronto’s Stillwater Spa, and the spa at Toronto’s Old Mill Inn.

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