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Aurora Spa & Bathhouse promises an experience like no other

Langley, B.C., recently became home to one of the most luxurious spas in the country with the opening of the Aurora Spa & Bathhouse in December 2022.
Consisting of eight unique treatment rooms, the spa is equipped to accommodate singles and couples visitors and offers an array of treatments and services, including massages, detoxifying body wraps, facials and exfoliation, as well as pregnancy treatments, to name a few.
The bathhouse, which was developed around the philosophies and practices of ancient European curative water therapies, provides guests with the regenerative qualities of temperature contrast therapy within a traditional bathing experience.
The Aurora Spa & Bathhouse also offers wellness coaching and mindfulness and meditation, which are led by the spa’s founder, Lyndall Mitchell, and delivered by an expert team of coaches, aimed at empowering guests with positivity, and providing them with greater clarity and conviction, in order to support their overall well-being. For more information about the Aurora Spa & Bathhouse, visit

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