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Comfort Zone launches Skin Regimen 2.0

Comfort Zone unveiled their Skin Regimen 2.0 brand at an event in Toronto, in January. The event featured neuroscientist Claudia Aguirre, who spoke about Skin Regimen 2.0’s formulations and their basis in modern plant chemistry, as well as the brand’s clinically proven ability to reduce the effects of stress on the skin. A highlight of the Skin Regimen 2.0 product launch was a demonstration of Skin Regimen’s new Urban Longevity Facial done by Helena Holden, Comfort Zone International Education Manager. The facial treatment incorporates massage techniques and macro wave sounds, and focuses on prevention of four factors that age the skin: DNA methylation, inflammation, oxidation and glycation. Skin Regimen 2.0 is the second iteration of a brand that was created by Comfort Zone, the skin care division of Davines, an Italian company founded in 1983. Comfort Zone has a selective high-end distribution in the professional cosmetic market in over 90 countries today.

Comfort Zone Launches Skin Regimen 2.0
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