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Eyes on the spa

The eyes are the windows to the soul, so they say. But what if those windows are looking a bit tired and bedraggled? Signs of aging and fatigue seem to show up around the eyes before they appear anywhere else, so it’s no wonder clients are flocking to the spa for treatments that target this critical area.

The Clarins Anti-Aging Facial at Spa My Blend by Clarins is one such solution. The facial includes a suggested addition, the 15-minute Anti-Aging Eye Treatment, which begins with a cleansing eye makeup remover that contains rose extract, followed by a gentle exfoliation, and a special massage of the area around the eye designed to improve blood circulation. 

“This area is very, very sensitive and of course it handles a lot of stress, laughing, crying, and different emotions,” says spa manager Lana Storchak. “The skin reacts to that, and we see the most lines, wrinkles and visible experience around the eye area. It needs to be treated very carefully.”

At Hand and Stone Massage and Facial Spa, clients who are concerned about puffiness around their eyes or are looking to lift, tighten and hydrate the area may seek out the spa’s Lip and Eye Treatment. “Depending on what your needs are, we will use a stress positive eye lift treatment with our cooling wands which will depuff, lift and revitalize your eyes for you,” says tPryor, esthetician. “Or we do have the microcurrent treatment that will use micro vibrations to push product in and around your eyes to help product penetrate deeper into your skin.”

Between visits to the spa, clients can care for their eyes by using an eye mask product at least twice a week after exfoliating the face, Storchak suggests. “[They should] use cream or eye gel morning and night; in the morning to moisturize and protect, and to give a nice base for the makeup, and for the evening, after the eye area is cleaned, to moisturize and to relax the skin,” she says. Storchak says Spa My Blend teaches its clients to use the palm of their hands rather than their fingertips to apply eye cream as a self massage. “When you use that part of your hands, you cover more area around the eyes,” she says.

Hermione Wilson

Hermione has a background in lifestyle and entertainment journalism. After graduating from Humber College’s journalism program, where she wrote for the school’s newspaper and various magazines, Hermione interned at TV Guide Canada, writing television reviews, and at Canadian Living, where she sampled goodies from the Test Kitchen.

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