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Scientific skincare

Science has been good to skincare and recently there have been innovations that are changing the landscape of the beauty business.

“There’s always going to be a group of consumers that want to be on the cutting-edge, want to try new things, and are willing to look at products that are perhaps a bit more novel,” says Simon Craw, executive vice president of International Stem Cell Corporation, parent company of Lifeline Skincare.

Innovative Ingredients

With so many products on the market, beauty companies are focusing their efforts on developing unique ingredients to set them apart from the competition. Many of these businesses are protecting their discoveries through patents.

“Any company who develops proprietary products or processes should protect that intellectual property or expect to have copycat competition,” says Rebecca Petersen, the senior director of sales and marketing at Botanic Innovations & Immuno Viva.

A few examples that are new to the market include an anti-aging serum that’s packed with concentrated nutrients and an acne-fighting product that employs silver to fight bacteria, fungi, and viruses on the skin.

  • Immuno-Viva serum includes a patented blend of antioxidant-rich seed oils that combats the signs of aging
  • Zyderma HS incorporates large microsilver particles into their product to address skin issues caused by bacteria. The MicroSilver BG sits on top of the skin releasing silver ions that eliminate harmful micro-organisms

Innovative ingredients

  1. Immuno-Viva Renew Anti-Aging Serum –
  2. Zyderma Zyderma HS (with MicroSilver BG) –

Let’s Talk Telomores

If you haven’t heard of telomeres, it’s time to do your homework. These tiny structures are found at the end of your chromosomes to keep them from losing important parts of genetic information. As we age, our telomeres shorten, but other factors can also impact telomere length such as poor diet, lack of exercise, and stress to name a few. Since telomere length is an indicator of biological age, we want our telomeres long and strong! A combination of certain vitamins, minerals, and bioactives are said to protect the telomeres when taken orally or applied topically.


  1. Elite Skincare DNA Repair Revival Cream –
  2. Isagenix Ageless Essentials Daily Pack with Product B –

Stem Cell Science

“Stem cell technology helps with skin rejuvenation, tissue repair, and wound healing,” says Grace Nesci of Sigmacon Skin Science. The benefit comes from the stem cell’s growth factors and proteins that work to promote healthier skin through cell production and collagen formation. While most beauty items use plant stem cells, the most novel products employ human stem cells, although in very different ways:

  • Stemulation uses stem cells derived from bone marrow
  • Lifeline Skincare developed non-embryonic stem cells for those with ethical concerns
  • Personal Cell Sciences creates its products with your personal stem cells (removed through a little liposuction)

Stem cells

  1. Lifeline Skincare Day and Night Moisture Serum –
  2. Personal Cell Sciences U Autologous –
Dr. Randy Knipping, MD

Dr. Randy Knipping is medical director of DeerFields Clinic and an expert in age management medicine and bioidentical hormone replacement therapy.

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