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Health and fitness at the spa

Wellness has been placed in the spotlight, for good reason. It’s the cornerstone for a healthy lifestyle and offers an endless list of benefits, but it’s also good for spa business. A 2010 survey showed that 91 per cent of industry respondents who incorporated wellness aspects into their spa found that it yielded revenue growth.* Canadian spas are quickly catching on and adding to their product lines to help improve their clients’ wellness on the inside and out.

Fitness Equipment

As the importance of living well begins to take a leading role in people’s lives, so too does the need for facilities that combine spa experiences with fitness routines. “Generally speaking, people want to do more in less time,” says Francesco Riccadonna of Technogym: The Wellness Company.

While choosing a fitness plan for your spa, be sure to consider the impact that it will have on the surrounding space. Zumba and Piloxing are on-trend exercises, but will most likely cause a disturbance to your spa guests. Activities that limit sound but still bring the sweat are well suited to the spa. Exercises like yoga and Pilates tone and build muscle while also offering a boost of energy. They require minimal equipment, use little space and can be performed in a quiet spa area.

Healthy on the Inside

Ingestible wellness products are available in a variety of forms and can benefit your guest’s physical beauty and internal health. From boosting the immune system with vitamin C to relaxing the body with herbs like ginseng, the benefits of internal aids are seemingly limitless.

In order to successfully introduce supplements and internal health products into your spa, it’s necessary to understand the benefits and limitations of the products you supply. Stay informed, educate your clients on the products, and make sure to remind guests that supplements are not substitutes for a healthy diet.

“It all starts on the inside. You can’t have external health until you have interior health,” says Bonnie Annis from Moor Spa. “If you give your body the tools, it will heal itself.”

Serious Skincare

If your guests are working out the right way, they’re going to sweat and that means moisture-rich, antibacterial products are an important element of their post-workout routine.

Natural ingredients are becoming increasingly popular for the health-conscious wellness consumer. Indigena’s Muscle Recovery Balm and Rocky Mountain Soap Company’s Shea Butter Facial Bar incorporate vitamin-rich ingredients like aloe vera and shea butter.

Both ingredients have many topical uses from fighting acne and minor burns to hydrating and moisturizing the skin. Like bath salts, they also work to curb inflammation, making them must-have ingredients for after an intense workout.

Fitness Equipment

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2 Jade – Pink Yoga
3 Merrithew – Fitness Circle

Healthy On The Inside

4 Algonquin Awakening Tea’s – Balanced Energy
5 Moor Spa- Herbal
6 Omega Nutrition – Virgin Coconut Oil

Serious Skincare

7 Indigena – Sport Muscle Recovery
8 Principessa Beauty – Bagno Bliss Mineral Spa
9 Rocky Mountain Soap Company – Shea Butter Facial

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