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The confident 50s

Empowered by the wealth of experience and knowledge gained along the way, the over-50 crowd have the self-confidence and smarts to focus on what is truly important to them. Meanwhile, with so much going on, it’s worthwhile to take the extra time for personal care, live a healthy lifestyle, and invest in longevity through wise, healthy choices. People in their 50s want to look their fabulous best, and with a little extra care and a wealth of outstanding options, today’s 50s are spectacular.

Treat Skin Like A Queen

A skin care regimen is a must to keep skin young, supple and fresh. “Use a rich cleansing cream and get daily exfoliation from a toner with salicylic acid,” says Repêchage CEO and founder Lydia Sarfati. “Trade in your usual serum for one with Deep Sea Thermophyllus to provide powerful enxymatic protection and DNA repair. Look for ingredients like Red Clover Extract, known to mimic a phytoestrogen hormone that helps stimulate skin thickness. Marine Biopeptide and Messenger Pentapeptide also help provide immediate effects and deeper, longer lasting structural benefit.”

Best Face Forward

Choose cosmetics that are easy to apply, look great, and most importantly, are healthy and clean. “More mature customers truly love and benefit from products that aid with hydration,” says Jane Iredale national educator Elias Elgueta. Define each and every feature on the face. The complexion should be even and radiant. Opt for a foundation with a satiny/dewy finish. “My favourite combination for this would be Jane Iredale Liquid Minerals set with a little bit of Jane Iredale Amazing Base for sun protection and added coverage.”

Define the lips in a shade that brightens the complexion. Use an eyeliner, one neutral shade on the eyelid, and a highlight colour underneath the arch of the brow and inner corner of the eye for an “awake” look. And don’t forget the cheeks! “Choose a cheek colour that says, ‘I just went for a stroll'” Elqueta advises.


Good health starts today, and for your clients in their 50s, encourage them to exercise, eat well and get proper sleep to be healthy as long as possible. Spas can offer yoga, pilates and other exercise classes tailored for their 50s-clientele; they are not only great ways to get in shape, but they provide that “me time” everybody wants. Encourage your clients to make small changes for big returns, such as taking up walking, adding smoothies to their diet, or consulting a naturopath— many spas offer this service in-house. Be it specific treatments or full-scale retreats, spas are playing primary roles for people in their 50s aiming to kick-start their way to a healthy future.

  1. Natura Bissé Diamond Life Infusion
  2. Taylor Owen Beautiful Eye Bliss Serum taylor-owen-and-co
  3. Matis Cell Expert Élixir de beauté
  4. Repêchage Triple Firming Cream
  5. Laboratoire Dr. Renaud Serum C+ 10
  6. Eminence Organics Antioxidant Mineral Foundation
  7. Jane Iredale Smooth Affair Facial Primer and Brightener
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