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B. Kamins Winter Defense Kit

Like many women, I carry the burden of uneven skin tone, discoloration and sun damage. I’m insecure about these skin issues and as a result I’m always trying out new peels and serums to help combat my problem areas. We recently featured the B. Kamins Winter Defense Kit in our newsletter and when they sent us a sample, I jumped at the opportunity to be its Test Diva. Here’s my review of both items in the B. Kamins kit.


After a fresh cleanse, I applied the Lactic-10. The applicator has a mesh top which lightly dispenses the product when you press and rub it onto your problem areas. My initial thought was that the amount being dispensed was so little, I was unsure if it was a sufficient amount or if the applicator was working properly. But, only a small amount of product is needed before you start to feel the slight tingling sensation telling you the product is active on the skin.

Now that I have been using the peel regularly, I can already see improvement in the brightness and tone of my skin. I can’t say anything about helping with fine lines and wrinkles because that hasn’t become an issue for me just yet.

Overall, I think Lactic-10 is a great find among the countless peels on the market today. If you’re looking for a peel that will actually assist you with your battle for beautiful skin, B. Kamins just might be your weapon of choice.

Nia-Stem Moisturizer

B. Kamins packs a lot of perks into one little cream! Nia-Stem contains niacin and plant stem cells, which are said to repair and strengthen skin at the molecular level and the company boasts that the product can reboot the skin’s DNA. In short, it boosts cell metabolism, fights lines and wrinkles (doesn’t everything?), pigmentation, dark spots and redness. After reading about all these benefits, I was, of course, eager to give it a try.

My first thought was that it has a very light, fresh smell. Although the instructions said to use in the morning, I found myself applying it at night when I was fresh out of the shower too. It’s a very mild, smooth cream and a little goes a long way. I’m really happy with this product and will be using every last drop!

The Verdict:

I’ve seen an improvement in my skin discoloration and sun damage which can only mean these products work! I’m really hoping that continued use will further improve my skin issues and I’m eager to try more B. Kamins products.

We’d love to hear your thoughts on the B. Kamins Winter Defense Kit or any of the B. Kamins products. Reply below and tell us what you think!

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