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Salt Therapy Association launches new industry standards

Spa News
The world’s largest non-profit organization for providers and consumers of salt therapy.

Aurora Spa & Bathhouse promises an experience like no other

Spa News
This bathhouse provides guests with the regenerative qualities of temperature contrast therapy within a traditional bathing experience.

Celebrating excellence at the Leading Spas of Canada Aspire conference

Spa News
Leading Spas of Canada hosted the association’s annual Aspire conference on April 24, 2023, in Toronto.

Change sweeps across the industry

Spa News

Of all the headlines over the past few months, one topic has dominated the news: COVID-19. The pandemic’s impact has…

Celebrating wellness around the world

Spa News
On September 21 and 22, the third annual World Wellness Weekend will take place in more than 100 countries, with thousands of venues hosting free classes and services.

Three spa rituals (way) south of the border

Spa News
A sampling of unforgettable spa rituals from Texas to Mexico.

Grotto de Sal brings powers of dead sea salt water to Los Angeles

Spa News
Grotto de Sal wellness spa has come to Los Angeles, bringing with it a variety of treatments that use Dead Sea salt.

Potential health benefits of saunas

Spa News

Time lollygagging in the sauna might be a good investment in your future, according to a recent study by the…

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