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Global Wellness Institute appoints first-ever research fellow

The Global Wellness Institute has announced its newly created Research Fellow position will be filled by Tonia Callender. The experienced research expert specializes in conducting economic and legal research and analysis to support decisions about projects, strategy and investments. Before joining the Global Wellness Institute, Callender worked with the non-profit research institute, SRI International, and consulted for a wide range of international clients. Currently, Callender is focusing on wellness, spa and other tourism sectors across the globe. Callender’s appointment to the position of Research Fellow is in line with GWI’s current two-year mission to generate a wide-ranging body of research that will include a complete update of the Global Wellness Economy Monitor, to be released in October at the 2018 Global Wellness Summit in Cesena, Italy. There will also be an updated report on the Global Wellness Tourism Economy, to be released in November 2018, and the first ever report on the Global Fitness and Mind-Body Sector, which will be released at the 2019 Global Wellness Summit. 

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