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Travel wise this winter

Prepping for that trip south this winter should go beyond the perfect pedi for beach-ready toes; the savvy tourist knows to plan appropriate insurance, caretaking for events beyond our control. However, Canadians have a habit of skipping the insurance – a risky venture that could have a high cost. The Travel Health Insurance Association of Canada (THiA) reports that 36 % of Canadians plan to travel this winter, but only 47 % of Canadians always purchase travel insurance, the majority of these people in the 55-plus category. That means a lot of Canadians are risking their wallet as they step on the plane. “Travel health insurance should be more important than a bathing suit on vacation,” says THiA president Alex Bittner. “Many people will already have some coverage through employers or credit cards and it’s important to understand existing coverage and ensure you have the necessary supplemental coverage.”

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