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Mommy-daughter day at Pretty in Pink Spa

If you live in the Toronto area and are looking for something to do with your daughter over the coming holiday, I highly recommend Oakville’s Pretty in Pink Spa.

Pretty in Pink is especially for mothers and daughters and like the website says, is “Fun for girls. Fabulous for moms.” I visited there with my three-year-old daughter recently. It was incredible.

PiP Retail Interior

As we walked in we were greeted by owner Sonia and two of her staff. They took my daughter and got her into a bright pink robe that said “Fabulous” on the back. They helped her choose her own polish for her toes and brought her pink lemonade in a plastic champagne flute. I could tell by the look on her face she really did feel fabulous.


We did side-by-side pedis and it was amazing. Here we were being treated to this fabulous experience and as we chatted and drank lemonade and enjoyed the foot rub, I kept looking at my daughter. All kinds of things flashed through my mind. I can’t believe how quickly she’s growing up. The last time I did something like this with someone was with my mom on the day before my wedding… it was a special time.

PiP Pedi Station

We played the songs my daughter likes, including Just the Way You Are by Bruno Mars which has special meaning to us, and we sang out loud. We ate red velvet cupcakes before getting manis (she chose purple polish with silver glitter and butterflies) and the whole experience was delicious, right down to the bakery-like retail at the front of the store where they sell cupcake and popsicle soaps. So cute!

PiP Cupcake Soap

I become more aware with each passing season as I pack away more clothes that don’t fit, that my babies are no longer babies. We need to carve out these special times and incorporate them into our lives. That morning we made time to play in the snow. Every night: reading in my bed. This weekend: the Christmas tree! I’ll pack patience for that one but cherish every moment.

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