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Versatility at your service

The InMode serves myriad medi-spa needs

The medical spa space requires a combination of technology and personal service. Many technology innovations over the past decade have enabled long term, fast, efficient, and safe improvement for removal of hair, skin blemishes, wrinkles, laxity, fat, and cellulite. The vast array of lasers, ultrasound, radiofrequency, and other energy devices make purchasing decisions confusing. In this present economy, versatile multi-application devices that are both efficacious and safe are the most appealing. This article outlines one such device, the Inmode Fractora-TiteFX , but there are also other device choices for each procedure that I will mention.

This technology is a radiofrequency platform that includes an applicator for fractional radiofrequency (RF) skin ablation for improvement in wrinkles and texture. The tips have a 60-pin array that penetrate 600 microns into the skin and provide a RF current that stimulates fractional thermal ablation and new collagen and elastin. The treatment can be performed by aestheticians and RNs at lower energy levels and, at higher fluences, doctors. Skin types 1-5 can be treated safely and at lower levels, performed under topical anesthesia. The patient returns every one to two weeks for a series of six to eight treatments, with a significant skin rejuvenation effect. Each applicator is disposable, as there is debris from the ablation, but the tips are very affordable.

Other radiofrequency ablative options, which are stand alone devices, include Syneron’s ematrix and Intracel from Jeisys.

The second applicator that is powered by the Inmode system is the FIRM applicator, which is a non-ablative, moving RF thermal skin tightening device. The Firm applicator moves over the surface of any loose skin on the face or body, warming that skin up to therapeutic levels. The hand piece is very sophisticated as it continuously measures the skin temperature and turns off the RF when it exceeds your pre-set limit and turns the energy back on when the temperature drops below. This ACE (acquire-controlextend) feature allows the treatment technician to safely continue the tightening RF treatment for the appropriate amount of time needed for tightening, without the risk of burning the patient.

Other non-ablative RF tightening options include the Freeze from Venus concepts, and the Accent from Alma lasers. The platform also provides a TiteFX device, which is a hand piece used for the long term, non-invasive reduction of focal fat and cellulite. The applicator also possesses the ACE thermal monitoring and modulation system, similar to FIRM, but the pulsatile suction pulls the adipose tissue up into the treatment chamber of the hand piece, where a proprietary combination of RF and high voltage pulses damage the localized fat to a depth of 2.5cm and provide long term reduction of fat and improvement in cellulite by electroporation of the fat cells themselves. Proven safe and effective, the TiteFX provides the spa operator an effective tool in a non-invasive body contouring treatment. Like the FIRM applicator, the TiteFX has no disposable costs and can be delivered by any technician.

Other non-invasix RF fat reduction technologies include Syneron’s Velashape, the Exelis and the Accent from Alma.

Finally, the InMode system (manufactured by Invasix and sold in Canada by Sigmacon) is coming out with a very effective scanned laser diode hair removal application and IPL skin rejuvenation applicators that can also plug into the very same Inmode platform that powers the Fractora, FIRM, and TiteFX radiofrequency applications.

The InMode provides a cost effective, modular aesthetic system with RF, laser, and IPL options that cover the full range of non-invasive body contouring, skin rejuvenation, and hair removal procedures. The advantages of this device are its extreme versatility and modular scalablity, as you can upgrade to new applications and procedures as you scale your business. Training is provided by Sigmacon and it is very safe to deploy in any medi-spa or spa environment. The disadvantage is the need to purchase a piece of capital equipment, but the device is an affordable solution to buying multiple and more expensive pieces of equipment.


Dr. R. Stephen Mulholland, M.D., is medical director and physician owner of SpaMedica Cosmetic Surgery and Infinite Vitality Clinics, in Toronto, Ontario.

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