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Leveraging LinkedIn 5 ways

LinkedIn has quickly become one of the top-rated business-to-business social media platforms on the Internet. If you still haven’t figured out the secret to spice up your LinkedIn page, you may be losing out on many different good opportunities. Whether you want to improve your company’s online visibility or brand value, you need to make the most of this social networking website to boost your marketing campaign and promote your business. Here are some tips to help you reap maximum benefits from this social network.

Optimize the Headline

Adding some popular keywords to the headline can not only improve your visibility on LinkedIn, but also beyond. Although it may be tempting to add some filler words, it can hurt the brand identity of your company. It may also harm the purpose of optimization. You should create a descriptive headline with multiple titles to improve visibility.

Fill Your Profile Out In Full

It can be very easy to fall into the trap of grabbing your company ‘About Us’ page from the website to use it for your profile description. You do get an opportunity in the work experience section to share something about your company. You should share a list of your accomplishments and responsibilities in previous and current positions as you work your way through filling out your profile.

You need to consider your profile page to be a timeline of your evolution and growth as a professional and company. You need to make sure that you provide sufficient information about the company’s achievements and accomplishments.

The summary section can be easily used to provide some additional descriptions about expertise, experience, awards and more. This section should have the highest character count in your profile. It will help you give people a glimpse of your background, achievements, additional places where you can be found and more.

Leveraging Groups

LinkedIn groups can be an excellent way to build credibility and develop many new connections which can ultimately help you promote and grow your business. This social network allows you to join up to 50 groups. Be sure the groups you join are relevant. You will be able to contribute to these groups by asking and answering questions to be of service to others which will allow you to develop credibility, trust and loyalty.

Use an Appropriate Image

Your LinkedIn company page should accurately reflect the purpose of your business. When people are searching for you on the network and land on your profile, the profile picture will be the first thing they see. Keep it professional, simple and to-the-point. It’s best to keep your business logo for company pages.

Post Content to be Seen in the Feed

Just like other social media websites, you need to expand your reach on this social networking website, too. It is important to regularly post content and make sure your posts are seen in the feed. When you post content on a regular basis, it keeps your followers engaged and makes you more visible on this social network.

Cadi Jordan

An internationally respected social media & marketing strategist. Her forte is in training, coaching, and online management in the spa, health, and wellness sectors.

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